The Hottest Movies of the Summer

When we think of summer fun in the sun, staying inside is not necessarily what typically comes to mind. But on rainy days or sleepy afternoons, it’s a good idea to curl up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and a summer flick. Here are our top five must-watch picks for this summer.

1. Midnight in Paris: : The opening scene alone makes the film worth watching if you are looking for some European inspiration. The whimsical story is unexpected; the film has an imaginative and unique twist that left us in awe of the scenic summer Parisian nights, all the while laughing at Owen Wilson’s comedic timing. A definite must see if you plan on travelling to France or are a Woody Allen fan.
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2. We Bought A Zoo: Heart-warming and perfect for a summer movie night; it made us want to go outside and stargaze. Matt Damon plays a lovable Dad to one of the cutest little girls we’ve ever seen. The two have great chemistry in the film, and we really felt there was on-screen father-daughter connection between the two actors. The landscape, animals, and ever-present sunshine of the film are uplifting. A perfect counterbalance to the emotional underlying storyline of the film.
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3. Eat Pray Love: A unique story perfect for those needing some inspiration to get off the couch and see the world this summer, even if it means stepping out to your local gelato shop and pretending you’re in Italy. Julia Roberts depicts a woman who is stifled by her marriage and busy North American lifestyle. Her solution? Travel to new and exotic places. Whether indulging in a pasta dish in Rome, or conversing with an ancient and eccentric medicine man, the movie is entertaining and reassuring that even when things get tough, there is always room for growth.
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4. Project X: Obscene and ridiculous, yet so entertaining, the film follows a trio of awkward outcasts who are determined to gain social status, and attempt to do so by throwing a massive house party. You can’t help but feel sorry for the main character, and yet you don’t want the shenanigans to end. Though the handheld camera was dizzying at times, the movie made me feel like I was in the heart of the party, and the music was upbeat and energizing. It also made me nostalgic of my high school partying years — perfect to see with a bunch of friends on a lazy Sunday night (pizza and chips optional).
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5. 21 Jump Street: We can’t get enough of Jonah Hill. In one of his best roles yet, he co-stars with Channing Tatum in a comedy about two mediocre police officers whose task is to act as undercover high school students. Equally enjoyed by guys and girls, finally a quality comedy that has quality humour, the dialogue between the two actors had us laughing from start to finish. A great movie choice for a summer date night.
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