The perfect fall playlist

Rap, alternative, and jazz music are perfect additions to your fall soundtrack

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With autumn comes mellow vibes and mellow music.

With the cooler temperatures creeping in on us and the leaves turning new colours, it’s evident fall is finally here. Whether you’re taking a stroll through campus looking at the changing leaves or going down to the pier with the cool breeze tickling your face, everyone needs the perfect soundtrack to accompany the season.

After all, who doesn’t want to feel like they’re the main character in a festive autumn movie?

My music taste is composed of a bit of everything. Songs I like span across rap, R&B, indie, alternative, rock, jazz, and almost anything else. When it comes to the fall season, there’s an overarching chill, earthy feel throughout my playlists.

To help us all get into the perfect crisp, cozy autumn vibe, here’s a breakdown of my ideal fall playlist.

As I mentioned, I love rap music. Despite the fast, hard-hitting energy of many rap songs, there are various songs that fit the calm, “fall” genre perfectly. 

1999 by Joey Badass finds its way onto my fall playlist year after year. With a more mellow and gentle production style, this album is perfect for the fall. Songs like “Righteous Minds” and “Waves” are permanently in my fall rotation.

Continuing the rap theme, I feel obligated to include my favourite artist: Kendrick Lamar.

Though he does have high-energy, high-tempo rap songs, many songs throughout his discography lend themselves to the crisp autumn feeling. “Count Me Out” and “Saviour” off his latest album Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers, as well as older songs such as “Pride” and “The Recipe,”are all ideal for your earbuds on the walk to class.

For the ultimate strolling through campus, fall rap playlist, add Tribe Called Quest, Loyle Carner, and Kanye West to the mix, and you’re set.

Fall also lends itself to slower indie and alternative music.

For the warm sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, and crunchy leaves side of fall, it’s crucial to have some good indie songs in your playlist. Honestly, I’m convinced the words ‘indie’ and ‘cozy’ are synonymous. 

I would suggest The Lumineers. Songs off the album Cleopatra, such as “My Eyes,” “Sleep on the Floor,” “Angela,” and, of course, “Ophelia,” give the perfect ambiance for when you’re curled up with a book on a brisk fall day.

Along with the Lumineers, The Paper Kites offer gorgeous songs such as “Bloom” and “Paint” to further add to the ideal autumn feeling.

I also have to advocate for some old jazz love songs. While they could be seen as primarily winter songs, I strongly believe in some fall-winter crossover.

“Sunday King of Love” and “Stormy Weather” by Etta James and “Solitude” by Billie Holiday are the songs for those especially cold autumn days when you’re holding a mug of coffee listening to the rain outside.

While jazz isn’t everyone’s cup of tea—or coffee—no one can deny an old-time jazzy love song on a cold autumn evening. What better to warm your spirit—and your body—than jazz music and hot coffee?

Lastly, you can’t forget fall classics like Fleetwood Mac’s album Rumours, including “Rhiannon,” “Dreams,” and “The Chain.” Top that off with your favourite Frank Ocean and Daniel Caeser hits, with the pumpkin seed on top being “From the Dining Table” by Harry Styles.

Just like that, your playlist is complete. Now you can rock the festive seasons both figuratively and literally, living your main character moment in the festive fall weather.


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