The simple way to sexy times

Want to spice up your sex life without shelling out precious dough for toys and accessories? Here are some suggestions for good lovemaking using things around the house


Simply placing a pillow underneath your partner’s back can change the sensations and let you experiment with more angles than the advanced trigonometry class you took last semester. The change in angle of penetration can bring about an entirely new and enjoyable sense of pleasure for both people involved.

Scarves, belts and ties

Imagine your partner tied to the bed with your tie that was supposed to be the finishing touch of your great outfit for the night. Beyond the erotic idea of tying your partner, there’s always the idea of a blindfold, or even a gag, that adds a completely new level to the time you spend in the bedroom, or laundry room, or kitchen, or—well, you get the idea.

Popsicle or cucumber

For those whose imaginations may not have the creative spice to really look deep into the items around their house for something that may allow them to add another degree to their sex lives, there’s always the trusty cucumber—or even a popsicle for some who don’t have an aversion to the cold. Cucumbers easily bring images of the male anatomy to mind and could easily be used to give a feeling of enjoying the company of more than one man, perhaps without any company at all.


Warning: this isn’t for the faint of heart. Grabbing a tray of ice from the freezer can potentially be an extremely revealing, exhilarating or painful experience for both you and your partner. Applying ice at various points around the body, because of the obvious stimulation, intensifies your senses as well as your sexual experience. Just try to keep the squeals to a minimum.


We know what you’re thinking, but no, only body-safe materials should be used for insertion. Use the remote to throw on something to set the mood, either on your iPod or TV. Whether you choose to go with the unwavering Barry White classics or a certain program on late cable, it will point you and your partner in the right direction.


Bar none the steamiest fun you’ll ever have in your house. The hot and sensual environment will undoubtedly enhance both you and your partner’s erotic experience. Ironically, the place that you usually go to get clean will temporarily be turned into a rather dirty experience that neither of you will forget. On a serious note, there’s an added safety risk when engaging in this activity, so watch your footing and make sure to be aware of your surroundings.


There are numerous different directions that some people look for sexual enjoyment. For those inclined to an odd spanking the addition of a spatula or a wooden spoon can add an extra sting to an area of your choosing. If the idea of a firm spanking makes you flinch and worry at the impending smack, the threat itself may be enough to make you aroused.

Whipped cream and

chocolate sauce

The classic household sex toys of whipped cream and chocolate can be used as naughty, edible apparel or tasty pleasure tools. Rubbing chocolate sauce over your partner’s bodies and then taking your time cleaning off every inch is undeniably enticing.

Laundry machine

The staple in the household arsenal, though regularly clichéd, remains one of the most exciting experiences a couple can have around the house. Simply place your partner on top of the washer, set to spin, and the rest is history. However, there’s the obvious need of owning a laundry machine—this expression of love likely wouldn’t be appreciated at your local laundry mat.


Everyone has heard those stories about how your friend got a little too tipsy at the bar one time and mentioned how good-looking your roommate was. Well, what if you took it one step further tonight and saw where it takes you? Including your roommate in your night-time activities may present an awkward breakfast the next morning, but you can be sure they won’t complain about the noise this time.

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