The sounds of Kingston

A playlist of local band’s albums

Student duo The Tidman Sisters. (Supplied by The Tidman Sisters)

Kingston’s local talent it just as good off-stage as it is on. 

The city’s music scene has always been hard to miss. It’s the hometown of The Tragically Hip and location for one of the summer’s most anticipated music festivals, the Wolfe Island Music Festival. 

Almost every weekend, you can find local or Canadian bands playing at locations on campus and downtown. 

But you don’t have to go to a concert to listen to some of Kingston’s best artists. Bands have begun releasing their albums on music websites, which makes it easy to listen to enjoy their sounds from anywhere.

Here’s a list of some of Kingston’s hidden talents for you to listen to on repeat, whenever you please: 

The Tidman Sisters

Born and raised in Kingston, this sister duo is making the city proud. Emily and Katie Tidman are current Queen’s students, but they’re also making time to build a music career. 

They’ve been playing gigs at classic downtown Kingston locations, including The Ale House, Musiikki and the Brooklyn. Recently, Hamilton’s indie bandthe Arkells shared The Tidman Sister’s acoustic version of their song “Book Club” on their Facebook page. 

Their folk-acoustic sounds also caught the attention of The Tragically Hip’s guitarist Paul Langolis. They’re recording an album at the moment with his record label, Ching Music, which is set to be released early next year. 

Megan Hamilton

Megan Hamilton’s 

fifth album. (Supplied by Megan Hamilton)



Kingston’s Megan Hamilton has performed in venues across Canada.  The singer-songwriter took a break from her music career to raise her four-year-old daughter, but now that her daughter has gotten older, she’s had more time to perform and record. 

Hamilton released her fifth album, Forty Warm Streams to Lead Your Wings, this past September. Her songs are filled with strong vocals and dreamy acoustic guitar, and her lyrics explore her life in her fifties, marriage and motherhood. 


Kasador’s album Last Summer. (Supplied by Kasador)

Previously known as The Will Hunter Band, Kasador has played with the Arkells and July Talk. Queen’s students Will Hunter, Boris Baker, Cam Wyatt, Don Pineapple and Nick Babcock make up this Kingston indie-rock band. 

Their first album, Last Summer, was released in 2014. It was recorded at Bathouse recording studio, located on the shore of Lake Ontario just west of Kingston. Kasador opened for up-and-coming electro-pop band, Brave Shores, at QPOP! last weekend. 

The Wilderness

The cover for The Wilderness’ EP Sunday Afternoon. (Supplied by The Wilderness)

Jonas Lewis-Anthony, Sacha Leah, Tõnu Karl Tombak and Henry Lawrence make up Kingston’s indie folk and rock band. The Wilderness’ first EP, Sunday 

Afternoon, was released May 28, 2015. The band’s Facebook page provides a straightforward explanation of The Wilderness’ beginnings: “We met at an open mic and decided we  should play together.”

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