The State of the University

In this seven-part feature, the Journal explores where Queen’s stands

The State of the University looks at the challenges that face students and campus today.
The State of the University looks at the challenges that face students and campus today.

Welcome to the State of the University, a seven-part multimedia project by the Queen’s Journal.

Over the past few months, our staff have dug into some of the most important issues affecting students, compiling them into this online format. The features will have a staggered release, so click here to read them in full.

It was impossible to touch on every student issue with this project, but we feel some key questions and problems are discussed: As university enrolment increases, are Queen’s services and resources adapting? Is the purpose of a university education changing? Do students feel like their extracurricular interests are being addressed? Admission to the fine arts program is back on, but the community on campus tells us they still feel ignored. The corner of Union and Division Streets, where a hockey arena was supposed to be built, sits as an empty lot.

On Friday, Jan. 17, the Journal will release an editorial on what we think about these issues, and how we might be able to move forward from here.

Our hope is that this project will give students some of the answers they’re looking for.

This is the state of the university.

Janina Enrile & Alison Shouldice

Editors in Chief, Volume 141


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