The struggles of large breasts in an itty-bitty world

Bras for the average busty woman.

Growing up, Judy Blume was my childhood hero. I used to walk around my house chanting, “I must, I must, I must increase my bust”, like a character in one of her books.

It was only when I got older and finally acquired a bust of my own that I realized the burden of big boobs. 

From shopping, to exercising and even the bedroom, everyday activities seem difficult.  

Shopping for the average busty woman is nearly impossible. Unless the article of clothing is a bag, there’s a good chance it’ll either suffocate your breasts, overemphasize your cleavage or give you side-boob. No matter what you wear, you’ll look sexual.  

Similarly, exercising becomes a difficult and often embarrassing task. It only takes a slight movement to trigger those breasts to bounce out of control — you can imagine what an intensive exercise looks like. 

At times, getting a solid workout seems almost impossible when your breasts are jiggling all over the place. You’d think that Lululemon would’ve designed a heavy-duty sports bra by now, but it has yet to be seen. 

Instead, those of us with a large bust, strap those ladies down by doubling up our sports bras, which for an added bonus also helps in catching the infamous boob sweat. 

Besides them bouncing all over the place, large breasts are extremely hefty; it’s like constantly carrying around heavy medicine balls. 

Eventually, they pull you forward and give you a not-so-pretty hunchback look. Busty women unite over this common issue, especially the bad posture and horrible back pain that accompany it. 

To combat this unfortunate look and health concern, my mother once bought me a special band that pulls my shoulders back and pushes out my boobs — worn around the house only! While I might’ve looked like a complete idiot, it helped in correcting my posture.

Unfortunately, we’re not all Kate Upton, who’s made having large breasts look flawless. There are many issues that face the average busty woman. 

While boob reductions can be an easy fix to a large bust, it’s often hard to say goodbye to their visual appeal. Large breasts are in a sense, extremely sexy.

At the end of the day, the benefits can outweigh the burdens — well, at least some of them.  


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