Thief targets ARC

Police find suspect in men’s change room

Kingston Police and Campus Security are investigating a series of thefts in the ARC men’s locker room.

According to a Campus Security statement, a suspect was taken into custody last Thursday.

“Moments after entering the men’s change room, Kingston Police detectives located a male individual who was known to both Kingston Police and Campus Security,” the statement read. “The male was taken into police custody and Kingston Police detectives are continuing to investigate at this time.”

Though Campus Security and Kingston Police aren’t releasing further details, the investigation is ongoing.

Queen’s associate professor of health studies Stevenson Fergus was a victim of the ARC locker room thief.

Fergus said his wallet, iPhone, keys, sunglasses and watch, a value of approximately $1500, were taken from his locker.

“I was on a sabbatical in South Africa this past year, a country which has high rates of crime, with nothing happening to me,” he told the Journal via email. “I come back to Canada and within three months this happens.”

Fergus said he used a medium strength padlock, which isn’t commonly used in locker-rooms.

He said he plans to carry his valuables with him from now on while using ARC facilities.

Although the investigation is ongoing, not all ARC patrons are concerned.



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