Three men arrested for bike theft

Arrests revealed possession of crystal meth and previous bans from campus

A bike locked to a bike rack
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Since Sept. 1

Kingston Police (KP) made three arrests related to bicycle theft on Wednesday based on two separate incidents.

First incident: roughly 2 a.m.

Two men were arrested following an attempt to break into a secured bicycle compound on West Campus, when a police search revealed break-in materials and what is believed to be crystal methamphetamine.

At roughly 2 a.m. on Sept. 16, Campus Security and Emergency Services made the first call, drawing authorities to Jean Royce Hall on Union St.

Campus security had observed two
men — later confirmed to be 37 and 28 years of age — using bolt cutters to surpass a chain link fence surrounding a bicycle compound. The men were in a Red
Hyundai Accent.

While awaiting the police’s arrival, campus security spoke to the two men in the vehicle. Both men were arrested when officers arrived on scene.

Upon searching the two men and the vehicle, police discovered bolt cutters, driver and socket sets, Allen keys, an adjustable wrench and pliers. A pry bar and hammer were also found in the compound area.

The automobile was towed shortly afterwards, and the license plates were seized after it was revealed that they weren’t registered to the vehicle.

Both men were charged with breaking and entering and the possession of break-in tools. The 28-year-old man was charged with obstruction of police after he provided a fabricated name and date of birth to the arresting officers and booking sergeant.

Police also discovered what they believed to be crystal methamphetamine on the person of the 28-year old, and subsequently charged him with possession of a controlled substance.

At the cell area, another patrol officer identified the suspect as a man who had been recently arrested for possession of break-in tools and breaches of recognizance, which refer to deviances from the conditions laid out by a court regarding his release from custody.

The 37-year-old was also charged with one count of breach of an officer-in-charge’s undertaking.


 Second incident: roughly 7:30am 

Campus Security made a second call to KP late that morning at roughly 7:30 a.m. regarding a 47-year-old male, who they had recognized as an individual who was prohibited from campus property.

The man was spotted riding a bicycle around the area of University Ave. while carrying a tire, which was found later to have been stolen.

Queen’s Communications Officer Anne Craig confirmed to The Journal that the man had been issued a prohibition notice in 2014 due to a history of stealing bicycle parts on campus.

Once KP uniform patrol officers were dispatched, police determined that the tire had been stolen from a silver Arashi mountain bike. The bike had been left at the Queen’s Centre on the side of Earl St.

The man was charged with possession of stolen property and a Provincial Offence Notice under the Trespass to Property Act. He was later released with a Promise to Appear with an
Officer-in-Charge Undertaking.

According to Steve Koopman, media relations officer for the KP, bicycle theft in Kingston is concentrated in student areas.

Since Sept. 1, the City has recorded 44 bicycle thefts. Out of these, 26 have been within zones mostly inhabited by
Queen’s students.

Based on KP data, 59 per cent of bicycle thefts are concentrated within two out of the nine zones in the city, which are both largely south of Princess St.


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