Three suitable alternatives to Netflix in Canada

I am not suggesting a break-up, but maybe we should explore the streaming pod

I am about to write something that you will probably instinctively dismiss. You may read it, you may even process it, but the chances of you taking it seriously are slim. Netflix isn`t the only streaming site.

I know, it’s tough to process. Many of us think of Netflix as the golden standard for streaming sites. Even more of us think of Netflix as the only viable way to watch our favourite shows and movies. However, as anyone who’s travelled to the United States has witnessed, Netflix’s Canadian selection is rather limited, to put it politely (so Canadian, I know). 

When you’ve grown up with Netflix, as many of us have been fortunate enough to, its selection can grow stale faster than they can pump out new seasons of Orange is the New Black. 

As a result, a surprisingly large number of viewers will turn to re-watching their favourite Netflix selections over and over again until they can recite the end credits 

by memory. 

I mean, how many times can one person re-watch all 10 seasons of Friends? Okay, yeah, you’re right, Friends is timeless. But if you ever want to go on a break and explore the streaming options Canada has to offer, here’s a quick guide to set you on your path.


Netflix’s biggest direct competition in Canada comes from Bell’s stand-alone service CraveTV. CraveTV is stacked with critically acclaimed shows like Twin Peaks, Curb Your Enthusiasm and recent Emmy-winner The Handmaid’s Tale. 

If you’re looking to catch up on those cable shows you heard were good but couldn’t find anywhere, CraveTV is probably the place for you. What it lacks in movies — a quick search showed that the only one available is the Blade Runner — it makes up in hidden gems and being a dollar cheaper than Netflix per month.


If you’ve heard of TMN GO, you’re in a very exclusive club. Taking advantage of The Movie Network’s vast library, TMN GO has an impressive array of movies and shows that includes La La Land, Deadpool, Big Little Lies and — brace yourselves — Game of Thrones. Unfortunately, TMN GO is only accessible if your television package has The Movie Network or TMN Encore channels. Fortunately, if you or your family already has this channel, you have this service. 

Prime Video

The newest of the pack, Amazon launched the Prime Video service under a year ago and well, it shows. Prime Video has some moderate draws, like Transparent, American Gods and Mr. Robot. The rest of its selection — which you can only view with a Prime or Prime Student membership — would be best described as eclectic. 

In other words, it has everything that Netflix, CraveTV and TMN Go don’t cover, which really isn’t much. But hey, it has Les Mis, so that’s something, right?

I sincerely hope one of these three services have piqued your interest. But, if they didn`t, I want to remind you that even in your darkest moments, know you should never have to resort to your old, virus-ridden, illegal streaming sites. I’m looking at you, Project Free TV.  


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