To the Kingston Pier; I will wait for you

You don’t know what you got till it’s gone

The Breakwater Park Pier will be closed for the summer for renovations.

As I walk down the streets of campus, I feel anticipation build. 

Up ahead I spot the tranquil, blue waters of Lake Ontario, with boats in the distance and birds flying above the horizon. 

I smile; this summer, I plan to take full advantage of the beautiful and peaceful place that has been an essential part of the city I’ve called home for the past three years. 

Just kidding – the pier is closed for the summer. 

As a Queen’s student, you can imagine my distress upon arriving at the Breakwater Park pier only to find out it was to be closed for the summer for renovations. 

Signs by the water describe the changes that will be coming to the area: a new promenade, a pedestrian bridge and the ambiguous mention of “pier upgrades” among them. 

While the renovations themselves sound like lovely additions to an already lovely area, the timing of the renovations is tragic for students and townsfolk alike who will be in Kingston for the summer. 

In typical summer months, the pier can be seen with students abound, swimming in the water, sunbathing and taking advantage of its Instagram-worthy aesthetic. 

However, this summer the pier will be a landscape of construction workers, equipment and machinery, fenced out areas and, given the weather recently, constant downpours of rain that will probably prolong the renovation process. 

The loss of the pier this summer is heartbreaking. But, I do have some consolation. 

This isn’t a breakup – it’s just a break. 

When the pier is reopened, likely in the spring, I’ll have had time to cope with its absence which, as the saying goes, will only make my heart grow fonder. I will go back to a new and improved pier – one that I hope will bring with it even more wonderful memories. 

So to the pier: I promise I’ll wait for you. I will wait patiently – albeit reluctantly – until your renovation is complete. You need time to reinvent yourself. I understand. 

And when you return, I will welcome the newly named Gordon Edgar Downie Pier with open arms and joy in my heart. 

Until next year. 





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