Toronto Fashion Week: A blogger’s experience

Starting my blog in high school at the tender age of sixteen, I never would have thought that “RachSpeed” would have such an impact on my life.

Fast-forward to my fourth-year of my undergrad, I found myself sitting at World MasterCard Fashion Week (WMCFW), with a press pass around my neck. The days I spent at WMCFW were such a whirlwind, between attending several shows (all Canadian designers) and just immersing myself in the Canadian fashion culture.

The coolest part of WMCFW is that it’s also open to the general public. There’s two show weeks ― one in October and another in March.

Whether you’re a blogger or just want to see what fashion week is all about, it’s extremely important to be prepared. Here are a few tips on surviving Toronto Fashion Week.

Wear flat shoes

Although they may be super unglamorous, flats helped me get through my 40-minute commute downtown. I know I couldn’t have run from show to show in heels. Instead, I opted for fashionable, flat shoes, like my trusty black riding boots and my new favourite Nike Roshe Run sneakers.

Pack your purse thoughtfully
Although you don’t want to stuff your purse, it’s great to bring a few “emergency” items. I made sure to bring a couple band-aids, an external battery for my phone and lip balm.

Take as many photos as you can

This is a tip for all emerging bloggers: it’s way better to take more photos than less. That way when you’re home, you will have more content and variety to choose from.

Be shameless

If you need a photo of yourself for your blog or Instagram, don’t be afraid to ask others to help you out. A lot of the people outside snapping street style are more than willing to help you out. Plus, they’re experienced so they will get all the right angles.

Chat to people

This tip was the hardest for me, but fashion week is a great place to meet fellow fashion lovers and bloggers. Everyone that I met and introduced myself to were super nice, and it was great to meet other people in the industry. If you’re a vlogger, don’t be shy! I vlogged myself a ton at fashion week and many weren’t too phased.

Walking to the tents was a whole adventure on its own. The chaos of photographers and people decked out in colourful clothing was awesome to see, and they put together adventurous outfits that I would never even think of wearing.

I love that each designer had a different inspiration and they were able to really make the runway their own. Toronto Fashion Week was unforgettable ― I’m glad I prepared for the fashion craziness.


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