Tragedy strikes campus with loss of Queen’s golden squirrel

‘A virtuous and upstanding member of the community’

Image by: Curtis Heinzl
The golden squirrel passed away on Nov. 3.

An icon of Summerhill, and the pride and joy of many, the “golden” squirrel left Queen’s too soon.

The albino squirrel, lovingly referred to as “Alby,” was confirmed dead by the Alby Sightings page after it was hit by a car on Nov. 3.

His death left Alby nation in mourning, as his presence brought joy to many students on campus.

“An icon of first year. A god of Summer Hill. Our pride and joy will forever live in our heart, our memories, and his offspring,” the Alby Sightings page said in a statement posted to Instagram.

William Hounsell-Drover, ArtSci ‘26, described Alby as a “joyful and whimsical” squirrel, running around campus and having a good time.

“I didn’t quite believe it at first,” Hounsell-Drover said in an interview with The Journal. “Because I swear, I had just seen him a week or two before and I still don’t quite believe that he’s gone.”

“Alby was a virtuous, upstanding member of Queen’s community, and I feel his loss will be felt throughout the community as a whole for a while,” Hounsell-Drover said.

Hounsell-Drover explained he first learned about the golden squirrel during his first year at Queen’s, giving him a sense of hope and a morale boost.

Queen’s students believed a golden squirrel sighting before midterms foreshadowed failing marks. Hounsell-Drover confirmed ‘the Golden Squirrel effect.’

“I saw Alby before a classical studies exam, and I freely admit I bombed it. It feels good to know that he had an effect beyond the obvious morale boost,” Hounsell-Drover said.

Hounsell-Drover suggested a 20-foot large bronze statue somewhere on campus as being the best way to honour Alby.

Another student, Rebecca Positano, ArtSci ’25, expressed their devastation and shock upon hearing the news of the special squirrel’s death. Positano said it was a tragedy the squirrel was hit by a car.


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