Transitioning to fall fashion

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Fall wardrobe essentials include: toques

With school back in session and fall just around the corner, it’s time to put away your short shorts and crop tops and pull out some warmer clothes in preparation for cooler weather. Fall, one of my favourite seasons to dress, provides endless outfit possibilities with plenty of layers and 

accessory options. 

To stay warm and fashionable this chilly season, I’ve listed my top 10 fall essentials that are a staple in any fashionable student’s wardrobe. 

Chunky knit scarves

Large and warm scarves make the transition into colder September days a breeze. Perfect for snuggling into on a chilly day, they’re ideal accessories for any fall outfit. Paired with jeans and a jacket or leggings and a sweater, large scarves are versatile and a must-have in your closet.

Ankle booties

These adorable shoes were a staple in European street style last fall and have finally arrived on the streets of Canada. 

Dress these booties up with a cute dress and cropped jacket or down with boyfriend jeans and an oversized sweater. Real or synthetic leather will protect you from rainy fall days, keeping your feet warm and dry while looking great. The low, chunky heel makes them comfortable for everyday wear, but chic enough for nighttime. 

Camel coat

Camel coats were a huge hit at Paris Fashion Week last fall, and this year, American designers like Michael Kors have caught onto this trend. 

The longer the better seems to be the rule with this coat as many fashion icons have been sporting the coats that hit mid-calf. 

Wine coloured everything

Dark, brownish reds are still in style this year. Cover yourself in burgundy from head to toe. Look for beauty products like lipstick and nail polish, as well as shoes and skirts in this colour. Wine red is the perfect medium between light, dark and earthy, completing your fall look.  

Classic satchel

This brown leather bag is a staple for students. Stylish and practical, it makes a perfect addition to every fall wardrobe. Big enough to fit your laptop and textbooks, the satchel is an everyday bag that adds classic chic to any outfit.


Classic capes hit stores last fall and became an instant favourite amongst fashionistas. A distant relative of the long-forgotten poncho, capes are another way to keep you warm this fall. Although there seems to be a multitude of ways to wear this adorable piece, my favourite look is a printed cape with a white cable knit sweater and dark jeans.

High-waisted bottoms

It’s time to cover up that midriff. The opposite of summer style, high-waisted bottoms are another must in fall fashion. 

Creating the perfect silhouette, this cut is comfortable and will cover up that freshman 15 (which all upper years know isn’t exclusive to first years). 

Dark wash jeans

Parisian streets are filled with women rocking dark blue jeans. No matter the season Parisiennes love the classy, timeless look of 

this wash. 

This fall, pair your sweaters and jackets with a darker wash jean in any cut. My favourites are the boyfriend and the skinny, but for the fashion-forward 

student, try the flare. 

Oversized sweaters

Always a staple in any fall wardrobe, loose sweaters in a variety of colours go with everything from skirts to leggings. For fall, try dark and basic colours like grey, beige and burgundy. 


These are perfect for hiding a bad hair day while keeping you warm. Classic black is great with any fall outfit, but grey and taupe are other colours to look out for this year.


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