Tumbleweed Tuesdays

By Katherine Kopiak (ArtSci ’14)


Every Tuesday the Ale House and Canteen hosts a country night that is known and loved by many in the Queen’s and Kingston community known as “Tumbleweed Tuesday,” which is one of my favourite nights of the week.

Upon walking into Tumbleweed your eyes and ears are met with a sea of plaid shirts and the sounds of a chattering crowd and feel-good country music. The warm atmosphere and experience is bound to lift anyone’s spirits. I know that as soon as I walk in I’m immediately happy and my worries become non-existent.

It’s not just me; at Tumbleweed, everyone seems to be having a good time. When I look around the bar, I see a crowd of smiling faces. I see people conversing, laughing, sipping on beer boots, indulging in some of the Canteen’s famous nachos or perhaps belting out to “Wagon-wheel” – a Tumbleweed classic.

My love for country music has definitely developed in recent years, particularly during my time at Queen’s. New artists such as Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean have introduced a newer genre of country that is extremely appealing to country fans of my generation. Tumbleweed also plays older styles, which appeals to any type of crowd.

You don’t have to be a country music lover to have a good time at Tumbleweed Tuesday. I know several people who don’t like the music but still really enjoy going to with their friends because of the atmosphere. I also know several people that have actually learned to like country music because of Tumbleweed.

So if you’ve never been to Tumbleweed Tuesday, give it try and experience a fun change of pace.

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