Two girls, a guy, a bar and a Goat

The Scherzo Pub.
Image by: Kristina Uffe
The Scherzo Pub.

Back from a summer of slaving in dirty assembly plants, stylish shoe stores, and urine-infested public pools, The Journal’s A&E staff (Alicia, Nat and Dan) wanted some relaxing way to reacquaint themselves with one another and the arduous task that lies ahead. Now. Here is the account of that subdued September evening on the town.

Dan — I’m the editor so I felt that I had to come up with something exciting for us to do. Problem is, I’m mortally uncool. I wouldn’t know cool if I had my head stuck in a freezer.

Nat — Naturally, we left it up to Alicia to make all the important decisions since I’m just a helpless little Latina girl who is never taken seriously. Por favor!

Alicia — So, being a closet alcoholic, I suggested we have a few drinks in order to let our proverbial hair down. I chose Scherzo because it’s new, no one really knows what goes on there, and it has a cool, unpronounceable name.

Dan — We got to Scherzo just after 8 and it was empty. And I thought Alicia was the cool one. But we talked to Wade, he’s the new owner and barkeep, and he….

Nat — I want to name mi bebes Wade. Dan — Interesting. Wade was saying that the Scherzo is a nightclub now and it’s open from 8 until 2 unlike the old Welly. Treat it like any other club, don’t go early.

Nat — Since we were eager to get the night started but were feeling pretty lonely, we decided to try The Sleepless Goat for some chocolaty treats to get our adrenaline going. Richissimo!

Alicia — Eat the samosas. Please, you owe it to yourself. They’re that good. They are spicy, however, it’s that kind of tongue-burning, make-you-sweat, full body buzz spicy that is only combated by the yummy mango chutney.

Nat — But if you want a real sexual experience, indulge yourself with the walnut chocolate cheesecake. Its smoothness and creaminess will leave your mouth salivating and begging for more. AYYYYYY, Dios Mio.

Dan — True to my character, I had black coffee and blueberry pie. It was good and I recommend it to those unadventurous types. Speaking of which, Dean Silverman was in the house. Wearing nifty dungarees the Dean drew all the attention away from the great artwork that adorned the walls.

Alicia — Full of excitement after seeing the Dean, as well as being full of tasty treats, we decided to leave the cozy confines of the Massive Attack-ful Goat for the ‘open mic’-ness of Scherzo.

Nat — So back we were to the newest hot spot in town and this time around, there were plenty of people to keep us company. Scherzo was filled with hidden musical talent. From jokes on wanting to join the “I wanna be Don McLean” bandwagon to the no name Senor Broadway with the powerful voice, the night was filled with beer drinking and lots of laughs. If only we could’ve gotten Dan to sing…ah caramba!

Dan — I would have sung, but none of the guitarists knew the chords to the new 98 Degrees song. Talk about uncool. Seriously, the ambience at Scherzo was hip and laidback. It should provide a great alternative to the lasers, noise and skin that pervades The Hub.

Alicia — I personally enjoyed the acoustic Spice Girls medley, as well as the fact that Wade was cool enough to let a table of girls order pizza. Tuesday at Scherzo is not the only night you can have a good time. There is a wide variety of live music almost every night, and a snazzy new dance floor that would have served the Welly well.

Nat — Si me preguntas a mi, te digo que ahi la vas a pasar muy bien. Es un lugar excellente para conoscer gente y bailar toda la noche.

Translation — GO.

The A&E Staff really loves Dean Silverman and thinks he’s swell. On The Town will appear whenever we feel like it.

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