Two to face off in trustee race

Mike Blair and Jennifer Li seek position

Mike Blair
Image by: Arwin Chan
Mike Blair

Mike Blair and Jennifer Li were named as candidates on the 2015 Undergraduate Student Trustee ballot at AMS Assembly Thursday evening.

The Undergraduate Student Trustee, a position currently held by Andrew Aulthouse, sits on the Queen’s Board of Trustees for two years with the purpose of bringing a student perspective to the Board, which is responsible for the overall operations of the University. The Undergraduate Student Trustee is also an ex-officio member of AMS Assembly.

Blair, Sci ’17, told the Journal after Assembly that the Board of Trustees has a great impact on students.

“I think it’s really important for a credible student representative to be at the board, in such a way that they can really communicate what’s going on in these very complex and detailed decisions of the Board and translate them back down, gather information, talk to their constituents, and then bring it back up,” he said.

“Being a credible student role model is really important in order to ensure that your one of 25 votes in the Board have a deep impact.”

He said protecting students and enabling dynamic learning are two parts of his platform and that he’ll be campaigning through social media, visual content and class talks.

Li, ConEd ’17, said she’s running because she’s passionate about students.

“Because I would be an elected representative, I want to do my best — and I will do my best — to represent the students and actually engage with them, and make sure that any discussion and any thought that I put forward has been well-prepared and well-discussed with the students,” she said.

She said approach — consisting of positivity, reliability and accessibility — as well as financial accessibility and enrolment are three things that describe her platform, adding that she’ll be campaigning through on-campus booths and social media.

“It won’t be about personal opinion,” she said.

“It’s going to be about what the students want.”

Campaigning begins Friday and elections will be held on Jan. 27-28.


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