Tyler Roy did the monster mash

Defensive end reflects on his career game

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Tyler Roy was a waking nightmare for quarterback Theo Landers.

Under the lights, with Queen’s season on the line, senior defensive end Tyler Roy delivered a monstrous performance.

The Week 8 game was against No. 5 Guelph, and it was do-or-die for the Gaels—only a win and a game versus York at Homecoming separated them from the playoffs; a loss, and their season was effectively over.

With all the chips down, Roy barely missed the Queen’s single game record for sacks (5.5) in the overtime loss. His 4.5 sacks stand tied for the second-most in one game in Queen’s history.

Roy shared his point of view on the career game with The Journal, sack by sack:

Sack #1

“It was the second quarter, 2nd and 4, and I was chipped by the tight-end before they dropped back to pass. He got a good shot on me, so I had to compensate my rush to keep contain. Guelph’s QB [Theo] Landers is a hell of an athlete, so I wasn’t trying to let him burn us outside. I saw the offensive tackle backing up near the QB waiting for me, so I gave him a little bull-rush and backed him right up into Landers. He was scrambling away from the weak side (shoutout D-Line Showtime) and sort of fell right into my arms. Forced the punt, thanks [Anthony] Federico and [Cam] Lawson.”

Sack #2

“Still the second, 2nd down and 10 this time. Rushed off the left defensive edge and gave the [offensive tackle] an inside-outside hesitation move. Got a little separation and did a rip-move with my right arm. Didn’t clean the O-line but bent the corner, reached for the QB and brought him down. He was holding onto it for a while, got to credit the coverage on this one. Punt, off the field.”

Sack #3

“This one was my favourite. Fourth quarter now, tied at 24-24 after a big Guelph touchdown. 2nd and 10 again after a big run stop by our defense. On the previous play, Cam Lawson ate up a little double-team like it was a shawarma dinner and had a nasty swim move on the center, stuffing the run play in the backfield. This sack was from the left defensive side again. Rushed up field, gave a side-step and did a cross-chop move on the O-lineman’s outside hand to escape his punch and dipped under his block for a clean lane to the quarterback.”

“Wrapped him up and the sideline erupted, so I had to get up and hit the Ouu Kill ‘Em two times for my teammates. Punt, off the field. When you re-watch the tape you can see our beloved safety and will-linebacker Zack Kealey and Kurtis Schaefer jumping with glee in the background. I’m going to especially miss the energy from those two, as well as the rest of the fifth years who are playing their last season. Connor McQuilkin, Ejaz Causer, Jake Puskas, Marquis Richards. Nobody could ever replace these guys as housemates, teammates, and friends. “

Sack #4

“Their offense got the ball back in the fourth, and this was the first play of the fresh drive. The O-lineman down blocked, so I shuffled to his hip to close the C-gap. Landers ran a play-action but kept the ball and started to roll out to my side. I cut him off with an angled pursuit so as to not give him the edge for a big gain. This quarterback is way faster than me so, like I said, I’m not taking those risks. He pulled up to escape me. Meanwhile, Federico had a sweet double-swipe and came through with the backside pressure. He forced the quarterback to step up which allowed me to lunge in for the takedown. Shoutout Showtime x2.”

Sack #4.5

“Not going to lie, this one was miscredited to me. The same drive is still going after the Gryphons got a big 3rd and 1 conversion. Lined up in a 50 front in the 3-technique and rushed the B-gap. Gave a bull-rush to their left guard and our boys collapsed the pocket damn well. [Will] Bannatyne and Gabe Boucher came off the edge while [Federico] and Lawson drove their guys into the quarterback’s lap. He stepped up to escape and ran right through my gap. I tried to rip off my block and bring him down but missed the tackle. Gabe cleaned it up and saved us from a potentially large gain, so let the record show that this was definitely his sack.”

“Unfortunately, we lost by a field goal in overtime, but we played with grit and determination until the end. I sure as hell wouldn’t be writing this without my teammates or coaches. Cha Gheill.”

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