Ukrainian students protest in front of City Hall

Rally organized by QUUSA

QUUSA co-presidents speak at rally. 

In response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Queen’s University Ukrainian Students’ Association (QUUSA) organized a demonstration in front of Kingston City Hall at 5 p.m. on Mar. 3. 

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Approximately 50 individuals showed their support at the rally. The demonstration saw a crowd of Ukrainian flags and a sea of blue and yellow.

The group circled the City Hall building twice with their signs, singing the Canadian and Ukrainian national anthems. 

Kathleen White, ArtSci ’24, said she believes it’s important to support the movement despite not being Ukrainian. 

“It’s been horrible […] I think it’s great to show up. It’s just great being here, it’s heartwarming and uplifting in a dark time,” White said in an interview with The Journal

According to White, Queen’s students should get involved in social movements and rallies happening around them.

“I think the great thing about Queen’s is everyone’s really connected on social media, like this was all organized with social media through the Ukrainian club,” White said. 

She added it’s important for people to continue the conversation and spread awareness about the situation in Ukraine.

Katrina Korotky, ArtSci ‘24, and one of the co-presidents of QUUSA, said the organization is trying to keep momentum and focus on the invasion of Ukraine.

“There’ll hopefully be a little booth in the ARC [Athletics and Recreational Centre], or we can directly [raise] donations.” Korotky said. 

“This is the time to come together in the face of evil and we all see it. The amount of support is growing by the day, and it touches every Ukrainian’s heart to see that, and it truly means a lot.”


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