Union Gallery appoints new Gallery Director

Morgan Wedderspoon hopes to build community through art

Image by: Curtis Heinzl
Union Gallery is helping students connect with the arts.

There’s a new Gallery Director at Union Gallery. 

Morgan Wedderspoon, BFA ’09, has been appointed to the role for the academic year ahead. Prior to becoming the new Gallery Director, Wedderspoon previously worked at Union Gallery as a summer student during her undergrad at Queen’s.

“I worked here as a summer student in 2007,” she told The Journal. “It was my first gallery job actually, so I already had some familiarity with [it].”

Wedderspoon, who specializes in print media art, has worked at galleries and taught fine art courses at the University of Alberta and Queen’s. She feels her breadth of experience throughout her career will benefit her tenure as Gallery Director.

“I kind of bring a range of experiences to this position because I’m always wearing three hats in my career. I have lots of experience installing exhibitions, touring folks through exhibitions, planning and putting on exhibitions of my own, so there’s lots there that I can advise students on.”

In terms of her plans as the new Gallery Director of Union Gallery, Wedderspoon is set on organizing and facilitating programs previously established for the year while bringing to life the ideas and goals of those closely involved with the gallery.

“We have this lovely list here of hopes and dreams that folks have already put together […] and I think it’s so inspiring,” she said. 

“We have a lot of really exciting ideas, and some of them really speak to me and my interests, so I’m really excited about that.”

Above all, though, Wedderspoon says her plans for the gallery centre around serving the community and students. She believes this is the gallery’s primary function. 

“We, as a not-for-profit, are serving the public; and situated within the university campus, we want to be a resource to students. Since those are our priorities, I think my job is to listen first, and to see what people need from us and then start to formulate the plans.”

Wedderspoon hopes students understand that Union Gallery exists for them and is a vital resource for getting involved in the arts. 

Whether it’s a simple visit, volunteering, or a staff position, there are plenty of opportunities for students to immerse themselves in the community surrounding Union Gallery.

“You can always come and visit. It’s always free to come and look in the gallery,” Wedderspoon said. “We have resources that we make available as well. Union Gallery is your gallery.”

There are, additionally, opportunities at the gallery for Queen’s affiliated artists to display their work. Art history and cultural studies students can also write about the art at Union Gallery. 

However, involvement in the gallery is not limited to these programs.

“We’re always excited to work with students from all kinds of different backgrounds,” Wedderspoon said.

She recognizes the power of art to bring people together. It’s something to be shared and enjoyed. She wants to prioritize making connections with students as the new Gallery Director.

“Art always is an offering to people. You can enjoy art by experiencing it, you don’t have to buy anything, so it’s always this wonderful gift. We don’t sell anything here; we share it.”

Ahead of the first term without restrictions since the start of COVID, Wedderspoon says Union Gallery is setting up to have a special year. She’s particularly excited about an immersive exhibition planned for this semester.

“There’s something really lovely about work that you have a physical relationship with, work that puts you inside of it. It’s pretty special.”

If you’re interested in visiting Union Gallery or getting involved, check out their exhibitions and programs on their website.

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