Union Gallery launches student-led photography club

Photography Union to be self-determined by participants

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New group encourages peer-to-peer learning.

Union Gallery has introduced a new student-led club called Photography Union. The club hosted a meet-and-greet for those interested on Nov. 10 at Union Gallery, providing people an opportunity to connect with fellow photography enthusiasts.

The scheduled photo walk was meant to provide a casual setting for participants to take photos while forming friendships or networking with other creatives.

Alexander Rondeau, curatorial assistant at Union Gallery, spoke to The Journal in an interview about the launch of Photography Union. 

“It came about very organically and serendipitously,” Rondeau said.

Several people had told Rondeau they wanted a student club or some photo-based programming on campus to develop their skills and be around like-minded individuals.

“I was like, ‘Wait a second. I’ve had this conversation with several folks this week, there’s obviously enough interest to get something started,’” Rondeau said. 

The club was formed with Union Gallery staff members Seemil Chaudhry, Vincent Fitzgerald, Jung-Ah Kim, and Fatou Tounkara joining Rondeau in leadership roles. Students Chaudhry and Fitzgerald gave the club its name, tributing Union Gallery as the club’s current parent organization.

The club plans to host both structured and unstructured workshops and socials with an emphasis on building a community of passionate people who support peer-to-peer learning. 

Photography Union is free and accessible to all Queen’s students. 

“Anyone who is interested in photography in any way, shape, or form, regardless of skill level, regardless of if they own a camera—as long as they’re a student at Queen’s, they’re more than welcome to come,” Rondeau said.

He said the club is also open to those looking to collaborate with people, even if it’s for projects like creative direction or making modeling portfolios.

“We’re really open to folks from all different skill levels coming in,” he said. “I think [Photography Union] could be a great place to build networks, relationships, and friendships and strengthen everyone’s respective practices and [build] collaborative skills.”

Rondeau emphasized he hopes to keep the club self-determined and autonomous, with members guiding its operations.  

“I thought it was really important to let [Photography Union] be whatever it needs to be for the participants, and to let the folks who want to be involved in the club decide what the club will be and how it’ll run,” he explained

Rondeau is excited to see how the club evolves going forward.

“I assume in hopes that this will be around for a long time,” he said. “I’m really excited to see how folks who want to participate shape [the club].”


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