Updates to Queen’s Weapons Policy clarifies role of Kingston Police

Weapons policy updated after seven years

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The policy is currently undergoing review.

Queen’s University is updating its guidelines for weapons on campus for the first time since 2016.

The University is expanding the Weapons and Replica Weapons Policy first implemented in 2001. The new policy will be brought to the University’s Senior Leadership Team for approval after community consultations are completed.

In the event someone brings an unauthorized firearm on campus, the firearm will be seized by the Kingston Police or turned over to the police by Campus Security and Emergency Services (CESE).

Unauthorized weapons must be turned over to Campus Security immediately, as they don’t have secure firearm storage facilities, according to the old policy.

The new weapons policy clarifies the CESE will be in consultation with the police when removing any unauthorized firearms on campus, handing them over to the Kingston Police for safe storage.

This policy doesn’t apply to Police Officers, Peace Officers, or Licensed Guards who are authorized to carry firearms and weapons in the performance of their duties.

Approved carriers of weapons on University property must provide a detailed description of how the authorized device is being stored.

Queen’s community members involved in the archery club and members involved in research projects which require the use of a weapon to protect themselves against aggressive wildlife may receive exemptions from the policy.

The updates expand on the existing definition of a replica weapon, permitting its use by those involved in theatre production or creating films on campus. These groups must follow University procedures, and must call Queen’s Emergency Report Centre before the start and end of the production in order to record the use of an approved replica. Outside of the film production set or theatre, a sign saying “play and/or filming in progress with replica weapons” must be posted.

Those looking to use replica weapons will have to submit a Queen’s University Weapons Policy Request form.

The policy is open for input from the Queen’s community until Oct. 27 by emailing policies@queensu.ca.


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