Valentine’s Day poetry contest

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Winner: Valetine for a friend

By: Amy Ge 


there are rumours

the boning

under your skin

was cut by lonely 



who stripped rotting wood 

from a crippled oak

and fashioned

it into shelter




a house,

in your modest plot

dreaming of bare feet


pattering along 



at all hours of the day


winter winds

shrink your 

frame and


through your ribcage  



spills through crevices


could not patch


i hope the next one’s

love extends to 

every inch of


even to the

little crow


in the 



Finalists: You’re Tops 

By: Caela Fenton 


I climbed your stares

           many a month but

                      never reached


                                     two I’s

                          for lashes make poor


                                                        and my grip

                                                    slips on your tears


                                                      the tears in my ropes

                                                                    aggravated by salt

                                                             and my arms are my ropes

                                                                                                    my dear


Romantic Disdain 

By: KJ Leahy 


I like to watch you bend.


your rules,

your back,


In spite of my vacant body 

and twisted mind. 


I want to push your buttons 

and get under your skin 

in all the ways that there are.


But don’t blame your vanity

you can blame proximity

for why you’re so angry—


For why you’re so thirsty.


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