VCFS Brooklyn concert raises funds for charity

Ahead of annual fashion show, Queen’s club teases new content

Image supplied by: Supplied by Sean Ryan Balsillie
Sean Ryan Balsillie performing.  

Ahead of their annual charity fashion show, Vogue Charity Fashion Show (VCFS) is hosting a fundraising concert at The Brooklyn on Thursday with Queen’s Love Without Boundaries (QWLB).

Apart from musical performances, there will also be dancing, fashion, and other general performance pieces like an infamous lingerie scene—where cast walk out on stage in lingerie. Co-organizer of the concert, Sam Gibbard-McGall, said the scene is an “empowering thing to be a part of,” though she’s never participated herself.

The money raised will be split to support QLWB—which support victims of human trafficking—and the Sexual Assault Centre in Kingston (SACK). Selling 50 early bird tickets at $7.50, and the rest at $10, VCFS hopes to see a sold out show so these organizations can continue helping important and pertinent causes.

While every year VCFS supports different charities, they strive to ensure the charities get the most out of the partnership. Part of this effort is through active, hands-on volunteer work in between their fundraising events.

“We place a big emphasis on finding people who are excited to give back and not just to perform,” Gibbard-McGall told The Journal. “We definitely want to promote the charity and encourage people to spend their time volunteering at SACK.”

In that pursuit, the cast and crew spend a few hours each week volunteering at SACK. They’ve painted a mural in the children’s waiting room and donated toys and colouring books to make the centre more comfortable for children who have to come in with their parents.

“Everyone has their own reasons for getting involved and wanting to give back. For me, I think the charity is really amazing and I love giving back,” Gibbard-McGall said. “As students we’re only here for a little while, it’s nice to end your time here doing something positive to give back to the community and say thank you.”

Being part of the organizational side of VCFS is rewarding, Gibbard-McGall added, but that’s not the only way to participate. The performers of the fashion show also perform at the fundraising events throughout the semester.

This concert sees a long line-up of performers, including VCFS head musician, Sean Ryan Balsillie, who’s headlining the event with band, Wild Card.

“I feel excited to put on a great show, and proud to be supporting such an amazing cause,” Balsillie told The Journal.

Having Balsillie and other performers who will be in the fashion show gives concertgoers a sneak-peek into what they’ll be seeing at the big event. The concert fundraiser event is a smaller version of what will be showcased in late February or early March.

It’s another example of VCFS’s fashionable approach to charity work.

“The show itself is more about people putting their passions towards a goal. Coming together and using what they’re passionate about towards a positive result,” Gibbard-McGall said.


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