Vice-President of Operations-elect resigns

Nicola Plummer nominated as replacement

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Peter Green, vice-president of operations-elect, has resigned from his position, alleging that his teammates demanded his resignation or have him face a vote of non-confidence at AMS Assembly.

Nicola Plummer, former vice-president of operations candidate for Team TNL, has been nominated by Green’s teammates, Eril Berkok and TK Pritchard as his replacement.

A special session of AMS Assembly will be held on Sunday, during which AMS Assembly will vote on the position.

“Executive members may appoint a replacement, who is a Society member, subject to the approval of two-thirds (2/3) of the members of the Assembly present and voting at a meeting where notice of a motion of approval has been duly given,” section 2.02.03 of the AMS Constitution reads.

The Constitution also states that if AMS Assembly rejects the nominee put forward, they may make an appointment or require the remaining executive to propose alternative nominees.

AMS Information Officer, Greg McKellar, said that in 24 years at the AMS, he has never seen an AMS incoming executive member resign. He added that the AMS Constitution doesn’t directly apply to cases like this, as it only deals with executive members in office at the time of resignation.

At the time of this update, Pritchard and Berkok haven’t responded to numerous interview requests from the Journal.

Shortly before 3 p.m., Pritchard and Berkok posted a statement on their personal Facebook accounts, signed by both of them.

“At no point did we threaten to impeach [Green], nor did we demand his resignation. There was always an option for Peter not to resign,” the statement read. “Furthermore, we would like it to be noted that this had nothing to do with his experience and we continue to believe that the AMS is a no-experience required institution.”

The statement says that at a team meeting last Sunday, Green informed the team he would be resigning.

For the full story, see tomorrow’s issue of the Journal.

Green’s resignation letter, which he delivered to the Journal this morning, can be read here:


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