Volume 146 Journal Editors-in-Chief elected

Nick Pearce and Sebastian Bron “ready to serve students” 

On Feb. 8, Nick Pearce and Sebastian Bron were elected the next Editors-in-Chief of The Journal, Volume 146. After an uncontested election period, the team secured the vote of confidence by a margin of 33 to three. The vote saw a 66.7 per cent electorate turnout.

After the election results were announced, Editor-in-Chief-elect Nick Pearce told The Journal he’s “humbled and honoured to have the opportunity to represent the student body in this capacity.” 

“Both Seb and I are incredibly dedicated and fulfilled,” Pearce said. “The rush hasn’t worn off yet.”

Editor-in-Chief-elect Sebastian Bron said, “I want to thank the whole staff, I want to thank Joe, I want to thank Meg and I want to thank Nick. We’re very excited for this opportunity.” 

“I’m ready to take on this position,” Bron said. He added he would “ride or die for this paper. I will take it to my grave.”

At the Editor-in-Chief open forum on Feb. 6, Pearce said the former Editors-in-Chief “saw a 19 year old and took a chance on me. They taught me work ethic, how to tell stories and how to be passionate about something.”

Bron added at the forum, “it’s about stepping outside your comfort zone and that’s what I’m doing right now.”

Volume 145 Editor-in-Chief Joseph Cattana said, “we’re really excited for them. They’ve shown a lot of promise and we’re ready for them to take The Journal to the next step. We’ve done what we had to and now we’re ready to pass the torch to the next generation.”

“After a long elections season, the rush is finally over,” Cattana said.

Managing Editor Meg Glover said, “Joe and I have had the chance to see both Nick and Seb grow over the course of this year. We’re really proud of them for getting to this point and we know The Journal is in good hands.”


Editor in Chief, The Journal

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