Walkhome aims to start non-binary hiring next spring

Service hopes to change structure and increase inclusivity

Image supplied by: Iain Sherriff-Scott
Walkhome Head Manager Matt Rowland.

Walkhome is hoping to begin non-binary hiring next spring.

The service currently uses teams of one self-identified male and female to give students safe walks home, but plans on advancing to non-binary hiring in the new year.

In an interview with The Journal, Walkhome’s head manager, Matt Rowland, said the decision to move towards non-binary hiring wasn’t the result of specific feedback but a desire to increase inclusivity.

“We really try to be as accessible and inclusive to all students,” Rowland said. “One of the things going forward is making sure that’s actually transferring and translating into our actual practices of hiring.”

Walkhome’s last head manager Shannon Crooks kickstarted the idea through consultation with Barb Lotan, the Sexual Violence and Response Coordinator, as well as gender studies experts and members of Positive Space.

Rowland said the new policy could potentially result in a different layout of teams and changes to internal structuring, as well as the kind of language used in the service. 

Ha added he wants the transition process to be a conversation.

“By the time we have a final submission, it’s been consulted by various groups just to make sure it’s the best possible solution for as many groups as possible.”

Walkhome is also consulting with students through the AMS customer perception survey.

“We want to make sure that at the end of the day everybody feels included in the service and everyone feels they can get home safe with the service.”


September 25, 2023

This story has been corrected to spell Crooks’ first name as Shannon, not Sharon. 

The Journal regrets the error



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