Watch: Skeleton Park Arts Festival with Lost Cousins

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Kicking-off their summer tour this past week, Kingston’s Lost Cousins were back in their home town to play a free show for Skeleton Park Arts Festival. The group started their career at Queen’s, playing as the house band for Clark Hall pub and as the pit band for Queen’s Players. Since graduating from Queen’s in 2015, they’ve put out their debut EP entitled Not Now What We Were last April and have been steadily touring across Canada and the United States.

The band’s music is often identified as indie pop/rock, but also pushes the boundaries of the genre with distinct symphonic arrangements that are groovy and fun. Their music brings in influences from 80s synth-pop reminiscent bands like Tears for Fears and Wham!, and contemporary Canadian indie bands like Tokyo Police Club.

The energy Lost Cousins brings to the stage makes their shows an awesome experience. It’s so easy to get lost in the music when they’re playing. But it’s not just their live performances that make them a fantastic band to get into — they’re an exciting bunch of guys to get to know.

The Journal had the pleasure of joining the guys for a conversation about their sound, inspiration and their fans.

Lost Cousins will be back in Kingston on July 17, playing a show at The Mansion.


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