Welcome to Queen’s: Highlights for your first-year experience

Wondering if Queen’s was the right choice for you? Worried Western would have been better? Never fear freshmen, here is where you belong. As an incoming second-year student, I can say Queen’s has something to offer everybody. Here’s a few things you have to look forward to in your first year:

Frosh Week

Frosh Week showcases everything that Queen’s has to offer, from clubs to sports to the crazy levels of school spirit. No matter your faculty, your leaders will make sure every event during Orientation Week is one filled with awesome memories. Not many other schools can claim to have a tamming ceremony, complete with its own town-crier. (Side note: tams are flat hats with a pom-pom on top and are synonymous with Queen’s spirit).

The school spirit

At events like Homecoming and Frosh Week, when the tricolour is out in full volume, you’ll be sure to catch Queen’s infectious school spirit. Even for non-football fans, the games are not to be missed. You’ll want to check out the creative body painting, incessant cheering and energetic appearances by the cheerleading team and Boo Hoo the Bear (Queen’s official mascot). As a new member of the university community, you’ll carry the spirit and pride.

Market Street Café in Botterell

A secret held dear by residents of Waldron Tower, Botterell is, in my opinion, the best place to use your meal equivalencies on campus. They have breakfast wraps, sandwiches, coffee, muffins and the famous Big Breakfast Thursdays. It’s a great place to grab a bite to eat and a warm smile from Lauren, everyone’s favourite friendly cashier, after that 8:30 class.

The professors and classes

Queen’s offers interesting courses with top-notch professors and helpful teaching assistants. They’re always willing to answer your questions or help you with assignments. Peer advisors are also a helpful alternative when it comes to academic advice. And with drop-in appointments, there’s never a bad time to visit. Don’t hesitate to reach out for clarification on assignments or lecture material – they’re here to enhance our learning experience.

Common Ground

Whether you’re going in for a Top-Secret Bagel or an Exam Size coffee to prepare you for a long bout of studying, CoGro’s friendly staff and comfortable atmosphere will always bring a smile to your face. They’re also one of the most active groups on Twitter – you can always count on them for posting new menu items, opening hours and retweets galore. As a hub for students, you’ll never cease to find a friendly face here.


There are over 300 clubs here with many different areas of focus from healthy cooking to musical theatre to salsa dancing. Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t miss the Clubs Night in September where you can check out club information booths – and there’s also usually free pizza. Whether you want to work as a representative on a department student council or toss a Quaffle at Quidditch practice, there is definitely a club for you.


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