What your go-to drink says about you

Linking your personality to a list of personified cocktails and beverages

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Last week, I saw a large, lumberjack-resembling, incredibly intimidating man walk up to the bar and order a drink. Almost certain that he’d order a beer, I was humbled to see him sip a vodka cranberry from its tiny straw.

After that, I dug deep and found out what your go-to cocktail really says about you.

Vodka Cran

The most simple, beloved choice of drink when standing in Alehouse, and reasonably so.

Its simple combination of vodka and cranberry juice masks the taste of the alcohol well, it takes less than a minute to make, and its simplicity means uniformity between every bartender to ever whip it up.

All that said, it’s clear if this is your go-to drink, you enjoy the safe choice. You most likely dislike change in your life; after all, when you have something you like, why change it?

As for more materialistic things, I’m positive you own the Aritzia Melina pants and you’re at Stages at least once a week. Given the people-pleasing quality of the drink, I’d argue the same quality is mirrored in its consumer.

Tequila Sunrise

I’m terrified of you. If you can intake tequila without gagging or hating the experience, I’m both impressed and completely petrified.

Though to be fair, the mix of orange juice and grenadine provides a good chase for the tequila and the drink itself is quite pretty.

You’re a wild child, a night owl, and considering you enjoy a drink that’s emotionally scarred most young adults, you’re also probably an adrenaline junkie. You enjoy having people in your life who challenge you. I mean, clearly, you like challenges—tequila sure challenges your acid reflux.


This refreshing mix of white rum, lime juice, soda, and mint leaves is the perfect concoction for class-act individuals. While you’d never order it at a bar on the strip, it’s the perfect drink for a night out with the girls or on a date night with your partner.

Those who drink mojitos not only have phenomenal taste, but they prefer the city to the country; small towns aren’t their favourite thing. They’re strong-willed, and handle change well but stress terribly. They enjoy the small things, whether that’s gestures from friends or small acts of kindness from strangers.

If you like mojitos, you also probably enjoy Khalid’s music.

Moscow Mule

Moscow mules are great choices for everyone. This drink’s spotlight is on ginger beer, coupled with vodka and lime juice. I’ve never met someone who doesn’t enjoy a good mule.

If you’re a mule drinker, you must be a Harry Styles fan. You pride yourself on your loyal qualities—which is a good thing. Unfortunately, mules symbolize stubbornness, and you’ve heard the saying: you are what you drink.

Bud Light

Okay, delta phi, this one’s for you.

Bud Light is a cheap beer that no one will fault you for buying. It may taste like wet socks, but you prioritize saving money, so what does it matter? You enjoy house parties over the bar, you have a “Saturdays are for the boys” flag in your living room, and your student house’s kitchen would probably make me throw up.

Even though Bud Light has a questionable taste and literally any other beer is superior, you know how to have a good time, in your own frat-boy way.

White Wine

Wine is classy. It’s a nice balance of fruitful and refreshing. It comes with immense variety; choices of more bitter flavours or sweeter options make it liked by everyone.

However, if you’re walking into Brass and ordering wine, you better wear a sign that says, “I think I’m better than everyone else.”

Wine is appreciated for its aged nature, and where it comes from. With that said, it should be appreciated in nicer settings than a student bar in Kingston. So, I’d say you don’t like things that take time; you’re probably impatient.


If you feel these descriptions don’t match you, that’s okay. What do I know anyways—I thought the dauntingly broad man was going to buy a beer.  


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