What your music taste says about you

Using music to get to know each other

Image by: Herbert Wang
Analyzing stereoypes asociated with music’s hottest names.

I think I can safely say that as students, music holds a special place in our heart. Whether tuning into Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, SoundCloud, or an undisclosed illegal streaming platform, you know you’re in for a good time when you press play.

While our playlists feature artists across multiple genres, we are all likely have one artist who’s discography we turn back to and dominates our “On Repeat” playlists. Here’s a comprehensive list about what those favourite artists say about you.


Starting with the king of Canadian hip hop, Drake fans are also up to date with the current trends
and culture.

They probably know nearly all GTA slang and aren’t afraid to use it. They probably wear his signature line OVO and always tell their friends when its time to cop new products.

They also love using Drake’s lyrics as Instagram captions, and probably have a photo of themselves with their head down, standing next to their car with their favourite velour track suit outfit on above the line “uno, dos, tres, in a race they can’t hold me” on their feed.

Taylor Swift

Swifties show unwavering support for Swift and emulate her music. They reflect deeply
about social issues, and also have a romantic mindset that keeps them longing for their prince
charming or perfect princess.

On nights out, they can be spotted in a crop-top and black leather pants—anyone looking for proof just needs to visit to Stages on Taylor Swift night to see the uniform everywhere.


Beyonce fans are fashion forward and unafraid of setting their own trends—just as Beyonce does in her life and music.

Bey’s fans know all of her songs word for word—anyone that claims to be a part of the Beyhive but doesn’t know her songs, they won’t really be thought of as belonging to the hive.

Very similarly to Swifties, the Beyhive is unwaveringly loyal to Beyonce and often rushes to defend her with aggressive Twitter fingers.


BTS fans are obsessed with Korean skincare and K-beauty—giving them the dewy, clear skin we all long for deep-down.

The BTS ARMY also has “aggressive Twitter fingers” and are always poised to defend and rave about BTS and their stans online. Comparing and discussing stans is a quintessential pastime among the ARMY, so don’t be surprised if they ask you for yours.

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish fans are creative and expressive wallflowers. Like Eilish, their creativity isn’t always appreciated at first by all. However, if given the time and space to shine, they’ll set trends you never thought of, just like how Eilish’s style managed to grow on us (well most of us) after
we let it marinate.

Her fans don’t always follow trends, and often opt for unique approaches to creative expression, just like Eilish does in her music and music videos.

Just note they will never stop reminding you that they listened to her before she blew up after
“Ocean Eyes.”

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