What your type in The Summer I Turned Pretty men says about you

Breaking down the Conrad, Jeremiah, and Cameron camps

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Which team are you?

The novel The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han was turned into a TV series on Amazon Prime this summer. For novelists and television enthusiasts alike, the show is a must-binge.

What’s a good drama series without the brooding bad boy, party boy, and the sweetheart? I’m happy to report this show gave us the best of three worlds.

Here is what #Team you are says about you. 


Conrad is a beautiful, but damaged boy. He has chocolate brown wavy hair, gorgeous eyes, and a mysterious, brooding personality while also being a softy—it’s all very attractive.

Get after it, ladies—and by “it” I mean therapy.

Considering Conrad is a synonym for toxic, it’s fair to say if you’re #TeamConrad, you may need therapy. I’m almost positive you’re also a Swiftie, and no, your Taylor Swift playlist doesn’t count as therapy. You might have an “I can fix him” personality, and you love fall more than summer.

While I understand the attraction to Conrad, his red flags are way too large to ignore.

He has a complete inability to communicate his own feelings and manipulates Billy—the protagonist—and his feelings in the process. He lacks an emotional intellectuality, and I can’t get on board with it.

Billy has romanticized an idea of Conrad, but that idea doesn’t exist. At the end of the day, he’s a bit of an a-hole, and while I empathize with his difficult family situation, he needs to address the issues in his life before he’s ready to be in a relationship.

And before one of y’all say, “but I can fix him,” no you can’t, babe. 


Jeremiah is a mentally stable king!

If you’re #TeamJer, you’re on the summer fun, golden retriever vibe. You like the funny, goofy guys, and there’s no denying Jer meets that mark! You’re super down-to-earth, caring, believe the nice guys always win, and enjoy having a good beach day.

Jeremiah shows his affection for Billy early in the season, always asking her to hang out, being her date for the pageant, and being jealous when she was with other guys—cough, her brother, cough. You can see he really cares for her in a sweet way.

His carefree vibe draws you to him—so does the fact he’s super easy on the eyes. The cottage chic, party boy is definitely a good choice.

Also, did you watch that pool scene?!


I did like Cameron, just not with Billy.

I don’t see how you couldn’t like Cam as a person. He’s sweet, wants to take things slow, and is a good boyfriend to Billy. He takes her on cute dates and strongly faces the wrath of the boys who constantly tease the two of them.

However, if you’re #TeamCamCameron, you might be a twelve-year-old girl who thinks the world is all sunshine and rainbows. I don’t mean to sound cynical, but Cam doesn’t give anything special. None of his traits really stick out.

Even though Conrad is a douche, and Jer is funnier than he is serious, at least they have identifiable, interesting character traits. What’s Cam? Nice? He’s far too bland, and his no flaws are almost alarming—he’s just too good to be true.

There are always going to be difficulties in relationships—some struggles, even if they’re small. Unpopular opinion: Cam’s lack of flaws makes him unappealing. Not to mention he’s being compared to two men who look like Abercrombie models.

Sorry, Cam. You’re out.


It’s hard to believe anyone didn’t like one of the boys in The Summer I Turned Pretty, especially because they were all HOT. Even if you didn’t find them emotionally or mentally compatible with yourself, there’s no denying their appearance. Hell, even the dad was sexy.

There’s something for everyone: the stubborn, toxic, but amazingly sexy one; the goofy, golden retriever boy with a little bit of spice; and the innocent sweetheart that wouldn’t hurt a fly.

However, if you truly didn’t like any of them, that may mean you’re at a maturity above us all. You focus on your career, you have high standards, and you give the best relationship advice.


The Summer I Turned Pretty really did have a lot of women in a chokehold throughout the summer. While it was entertaining and an easy watch, we all know what really held our interest through those hour-long episodes: Conrad, Jeremiah, and Cam/Cameron.


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