What’s In Your Makeup Bag?

By Trilby Goouch

Blogs Editor

I am a sucker for cosmetics; it’s a blessing that Kingston lacks a Sephora, or else my school budget would likely go out the window. Since grade eight I’ve experimented with makeup products, and as of late I have managed to develop the perfect makeup routine that is both efficient and effortless. The biggest discovery I’ve made through years of product testing is that less is more. Here are my tried and true products, all of which can be purchased at Shopper’s Drug Mart, Sephora and/or The Body Shop.


Smashbox Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturizer ($30)

Though Smashbox is on the higher price end of the spectrum, it’s well worth the investment and will last you about four months when used daily. I have tried cheaper tinted moisturizer creams and have found them to be too concentrated and difficult to spread evenly. I try not to load my face with layers of powders or foundation, and this product gives me all-over coverage and evens my skin tone with an easy to apply sheer consistency. For so long I have yearned for that ‘no makeup look’, and this product delivers that. It also contains an SPF 15 and is oil free.

The Body Shop tea tree skin clearing lotion ($13)

My housemate and I swear by this moisturizer; it’s refreshing, lightweight and perfect for combination skin. It’s also affordable and free of harsh chemicals. I apply this morning and night after washing my face.

Aveeno gentle foaming cleanser ($14)

I was once prescribed a harsh, dermatologist recommended face wash that took a serious toll on my skin, leaving it dried out and sensitive. With no signs of improvement, I decided to scale back and turn to something gentle and natural to rebalance my skin. I use this face wash at night (I only wash with cold water in the morning), and I have no dry spots to speak of.

Tea tree oil spot treatment ($9) + Vitamin E oil ($10)

Again, I have never found harsh chemicals to be successful in improving my skin. I’ve tried them all: Clean & Clear, prescription creams, Clinique, Cetaphil … none of them seemed to create a long-lasting improvement; then I was recommended tea tree oil. I apply tea tree oil where needed at night, followed by pure vitamin E oil to reduce scarring created from my ignorant days of playing with my face. Within a week my skin cleared up entirely; I’ve never witnessed such a quick improvement. It’s been three months of using these oils, and my skin is dramatically clearer.

Cover fx Camouflage concealer ($27)

Again, I don’t like the idea of loading my face with product; a lot of concealers can feel suffocating and actually worsen breakouts. This concealer is designed to be applied to blemishes. It’s rich in pigment so a little goes a long way; my tube has lasted for over eight months. I apply this minimally where needed with a small makeup brush, so you don’t get that cakey look. Not sure which shade to choose? You can ask for samples at Shopper’s Drug Mart to try it out and see if the product is right for you.

Nars “Orgasm” blush ($28)

This is universally flattering and gives a really natural flush. Its price is steep, however I’ve owned the same compact for a year and a half with lots of use left. I’ve also dropped it countless times and the compact has stayed in one piece.

Maybelline Lipstain ($9)

I’m not a fan of lip-gloss, nor do I like the dryness of lipstick. This lip stain gives me colour without any build up and it looks really natural. It’s also easy to apply; you literally draw it onto your lips, give them a smack and you’re set. The colour stays rich, even through a few rounds of coffee and lunch.


I keep eye makeup simple with a brown eyeliner and black mascara. I use a thick brown pencil crayon by Sephora that gives the exact same effect as Nars yet at a fraction of the cost. For mascara, I use Covergirl Lashblast volume

For those of you looking to try new products and interested in achieving an efficient makeup routine, I hope you find this useful! Do you have any products you’d recommend? Let us know!

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