Why you should vote Conservative this federal election

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Voting Conservative on Oct. 21 is necessary to ensure you’re represented by a government that’s both transparent and accountable. For the past four years, Canadians have had a Prime Minister that has twice violated federal ethics laws. 

A Conservative government under Andrew Scheer will ensure that Canadians are able to trust their government to advocate for their needs. Practically, this means removing excessive government overreach by cutting taxes for every Canadian, and letting them use their earned income to cover their own priorities. 

The Conservative Party understands there’s a need to support the efforts of working Canadians in their pursuit of economic advancement. For students, this includes increasing federal contribution to RESPs from 20 to 30 per cent for every dollar families invest into the savings program. 

The Party’s interest is in ensuring that Canadians are financially capable of attaining their own goals. 

All the while, Justin Trudeau and his government have consistently demonstrated their neglect for the struggles of working-class Canadians. 

The current carbon tax has made life inconvenient and costly for the most financially disadvantaged. At the same time, large industrial emitters have been exempted in the process. Canadians who recycle, turn out their lights, and lack access to public transportation have been burdened with repaying the costs created by problems they didn’t cause. 

When it comes to the environment, Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives realize the climate crisis is a real and serious issue that must be addressed.  Scheer has campaigned on his plan to force large industrial emitters to pay into a green investment fund in order to directly tackle the climate issues we face today.

It’s time to get ahead—on our livelihood and our planet. 

Eric Flowers is a third-year Political Studies major with a minor in Economics and president of the Queen’s University Conservative Association.

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