Wild Domestic enjoys wild rides

Guitarist Andrew Lennox discusses touring misadventures on the road as the band gets ready to go on tour

The band decided not to charge the audience ticket fees because they would rather have people come to the show just for the music
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The band decided not to charge the audience ticket fees because they would rather have people come to the show just for the music

It’s a soundtrack of the road, so make sure your windows are rolled down.

The steadiness of Wild Domestic’s heavy drum beats gives off this incessant vibe. Paired with melodiously droning guitar riffs, the band’s sound gives listeners a feeling of empowered relaxation fitting for the open highway.

Guitarist Andrew Lennox said Wild Domestic is often compared to other bands who resemble “throwback 70s jam bands.”

“The best we’ve gotten is Pink Floyd — that was an honour.”

Their band’s been together for over five years and now they’re back on tour with their latest EP.

For Lennox, the job’s worthwhile because of the people he surrounds himself with.

“The people I love are on tour, the people I begin to love are the ones who come to the shows. They could be doing anything else, but they come to the shows.”

Having a bond with his bandmates comes in handy when unexpected situations happen on the road, Lennox said.

He recalled one instance when the band took a U-Haul on tour and one of the tires popped off outside Montreal.

“We pulled over and instead of freaking out, we were just trying to make each other laugh,” he said. “It’s nice to know that we can handle situations like that without ripping each other’s heads off.”

When they make their stop in Kingston, Lennox said he’s going to be on the lookout for good coffee rather than good beer.

“I want to see the organic fair trade coffee shop [Coffeeco] since we don’t have one like that in London [Ont.].”

Wild Domestic isn’t charging anything for their shows on this tour. Instead, the shows will be pay what you can at the door.

Lennox said this is because the band agreed they would rather have people come to the shows for the music, regardless of cost.

“A lot of people come because it’s a free show and then they end up spending their money on the CD or merchandise.”

Wild Domestic plays the Mansion on Sunday at 9 p.m.


Andrew Lennox, Interview, Wild Domestic

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