Women’s Golf Club starts up at Queen’s

 ‘I wanted to create a club for women like myself, who wanted to golf’ 

Image supplied by: Emma Thompson
The club was founded by Emma Thompson, ArtSci ’24.

In a new development for athletic and recreational programs at Queen’s, Emma Thompson, ArtSci ’24, has made waves recently in the establishment of the Women’s Golf Club.

In email correspondence with The Journal, Thompson shared the love she developed for golf over the summer had her looking into opportunities for women golfers at Queen’s. When she realized a golf club didn’t exist, she decided to found her own.

“I wanted to make a change. I wanted to create a club for women like myself, who wanted to golf with others who love it, and for people like my friends, to learn the sport in a non-judgemental environment,” Thompson told The Journal.

According to Thompson, golf has long been dubbed the “gentlemen’s game,” and the advent of the Women’s Golf Club shatters this notion by empowering women athletes to explore all that golf has to offer.

With its inception, the Women’s Golf Club brings an opportunity for women empowerment, skill development, and community building.

To ensure the club’s success and the growth of sports diversity within Queen’s, Thompson is looking for external support.

“We are always open to sponsors from local golf courses or brands to help with things such as tournaments and events, as not all members own golf equipment,” Thompson said. “Currently, I have acquired about six extra sets of golf clubs to give members, but as time goes on and the club grows, I may not be able to help everyone, so anything helps.”

Contributing to the Women’s Golf Club funds not only a sports club, but invests in the future of woman athletes at Queen’s.

Though the club is currently in the process of being ratified as an intramural club, Thompson said the club is still open to new members.

Any woman interested in golf, with or without experience, is welcome to join the team. Thompson says most of the members are beginners, and she’s happy to teach those that want help.

“I would say to any aspiring female golfers who might be interested in joining the club to be like Nike and ‘just do it’,” Thompson said. “Our club is all about having fun and meeting new people, all while celebrating the sport of golf. You don’t need any experience or equipment, only your enthusiasm and excitement.”

Though the golf season is coming to a close as temperatures drop, the club is still hosting events. The first club tournament is set to take place on Oct. 28 in Kingston, featuring contests and a club dinner. The club has also been having bi-weekly driving range sessions at The Landings Golf Course and nine-hole rounds. Thompson is hoping to host mini-golf events and socials throughout the winter months.

Anyone looking to join the Women’s Golf Club can sign up through the LinkTree in the club’s Instagram.


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