Women’s Volleyball falls in Quigley Cup

Gaels took champion Badgers to five sets

Image supplied by: Supplied by Stephen Leithwood/Brock Athletics.
The Gaels played all three of their playoff games on the road.

This weekend’s Quigley Cup loss shouldn’t dampen Women’s Volleyball’s incredible playoff run.

Queen’s fell to Brock on Saturday after five close sets. Brock performed a comeback miracle after Queen’s took the first two sets with ease. The Gaels’ early 2-0 lead looked eerily similar to the two other 3-0 wins they captured in the post-season, but Brock was determined to bring home their second Quigley Cup in two years and did exactly that.

“It definitely stings losing like that when you’re so close and you’re playing so well,” Head Coach Ryan Ratushniak said in an interview with The Journal.

“The things we did to be in that situation and to compete—I’m really proud of the team for being able to do. That situation is something I think everyone can be very proud of.”

In the first set, the teams went point for point until home team Brock started to become intimidated by the Gaels’ confidence. Ranked seventh, the Gaels should’ve been terrified by top-seeded Brock, but their recent wins over the second-seeded Mustangs and third-seeded Warriors proved rankings might as well be arbitrary.

With 750 Brock fans in attendance, the atmosphere was alive. However, Queen’s Amanda Siksna and Hannah Duchesneau responded perfectly. The duo led the game in blocks with 11 and 10, respectively. Brock struggled against Queen’s heavy presence at the net.

“The atmosphere at Brock was pretty amazing,” Ratushniak said.

“The size of their facility, and it being sold out, and definitely it being very loud—I’m just amazed how strong our team was handling that.”

The Gaels’ many service errors were the only hint of their nerves.

In the second set, Queen’s prepared to wrap things up. After an even start, Queen’s pulled ahead and left the Badgers behind. Arielle Palermo found some great openings and placed multiple kills for Queen’s. Meanwhile, Duchesneau and Laura Mellon both went to work defensively and controlled the net with blocks.

After holding Brock at 11 for many points, Queen’s eventually let up with a service error from Mary Stewart. Brock control, however, didn’t last long as the Gaels won the set 25-16.

“We really came together and the team kind of decided how they wanted to play, and how they wanted to compete hard for every single point, and what they were going to do to support each other and come together when things weren’t going well on the court,” Ratushniak said.

In the third, Brock brought a different game. The Badgers kept up with Queen’s advances and both teams went point for point all the way to a 25-23 Brock victory.

With redemption and the Quigley Cup on the horizon, Brock found the momentum they needed to turn the game around. Slowly, they picked away at Queen’s two set lead and started finding their way around the Gaels’ blocks.

The fourth set started off Queen’s way, but by the 19-point mark, the Badgers had caught up. Brock started to mimic Queen’s control at the net and secured a 27-25 victory.

Hopes were still high for Queen’s fans during the last set, but Brock had started their miracle run. The Gaels, however, didn’t give it up easily. Both teams went point for point before Brock secured the cup with a game ending four-point run that ended the set 15-13.

Although their season is now over, Queen’s can be proud of their playoff domination. It’s not easy going into someone house and leaving with a 3-0 sweep—Queen’s did it twice.

“There definitely was something that was very magical in terms of how we came together as a team in the playoffs to play our best and get our best performances and just to see that the team really believes in something greater than themselves,” Ratushniak said.

“That, to me, is like winning a championship as well.”


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