Your End of Summer Bucket List

Your chance to do all the stuff you wanted to but never got around to 

Sarina and Shivani enjoy Kingston's farmers market
Sarina and Shivani enjoy Kingston's farmers market

With the clock ticking down to when we’re forced to walk like zombies to 8:30 classes, make sure to fully embrace the rest of your summer and the freedom of the days we have left.

Did you finish exams and have all these crazy adventures planned out for the summer ahead? Three months deep into summer break, it’s hard to forget a time when we wanted to do something other than binge watch Netflix in our rooms. Luckily for all of us, summer isn’t over yet and we still have time to get off the couch and tackle those summer bucket lists, before it’s too late.

Go camping

Unless you’re fortunate enough to have a job that pays you to spend time outdoors, chances are your summer job is keeping you inside for too long on these beautiful days. Discover a new serene spot outside the bustle of the cities to relax and reconnect with nature. There are hundreds of camp sites all around Canada, so one quick Google search will give you all the information you need. Celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary of confederation by becoming one with nature.

Learn a new recipe

During the school year, it can be hard to find time to spend in the kitchen and sometimes ordering takeout again is just not in the budget. Switch it up by learning to cook something new and you might discover your next go-to dish. Pinterest is a great place to find creative, easy recipes that will make you feel like a master chef.

Discover a new spot in your city

Whether it’s that new coffee shop that opened down the road or the big park that’s just a bit further from your house than you’ve gone on foot, go exploring outside of your familiar spots and you’ll find a great new gem you hadn’t realized you’d been missing.

Read a book

Obviously we all do enough reading during the school year – that’s a given. But don’t let your summer slip by with endless Netflix binges. Pick up a book that you normally wouldn’t have to read for class; you’ll feel surprised at how refreshing it can be. You can head to your local bookstore and get suggestions or read any number of articles online to figure out which book you might enjoy.

Do something silly

Fairly self-explanatory. Summer is a time for relaxing and sometimes it can help to just act like a kid again! Find time to fly a kite, make popsicles, draw a chalk hopscotch with your friends. Channel your inner child and forget your troubles for an afternoon.

Clean out your closet

With fall approaching faster than we all realize, it’s good to revisit those sweaters, boots and pants we’ve tucked away for the summer and donate what you don’t wear anymore. Try researching shelters and stores that help outfit those in need with clothes for the winter months, they’re always looking for donations.

Visit the farmer’s market

Purchasing food from your town’s farmer’s market is a fantastic way to support your local farmers and eat organic, in-season produce. Go and see what your area has to offer – if you’re lucky, the farmer’s markets may also have butchers, dairy farmers and other artisans that offer fresh and natural food that you can take straight from their farm to your dining table.

Go to the drive-in theatre/movies in the park

Take advantage of this beautiful weather. Many cities host public movie screenings in parks or town squares. If not, they likely have a drive in movie theatre. Head out with friends to catch a new flick or watch an old favourite.

Make a healthy lifestyle choice

Summer is the perfect time to make new habits and try new things before the business of school can set in. Maybe you want to work out more, try eating vegan or even just wake up earlier on weekend mornings. Now is the perfect time to build these good habits so that they last into the school year.

See some local Kingston attractions

Even if you’re living out of Kingston for the summer, make sure to head back to your honorary home a few days before class starts so you have time to see the lovely summer sights Kingston has to offer (besides the Pier and the Hub). One of Canada’s oldest prisons, Kingston Penitentiary, has recently become open to public tours over the summer months. Or, explore the many beautiful biking and hiking paths at the forests of Lemoine Point. There are endless opportunities in our limestone city that will remind you it’s not just your school grounds.



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