2022 winter fashion

Finding affordable alternatives to cozy trends

Bundle up and stay fashionable.

We all love a fun winter moment, and I’m dishing the latest winter fashion trends that everyone seems to be rocking. I’ve added some suggestions to help you master these looks on a student-friendly budget.

Micro Ugg boots

Whether you love them or hate them, these comfy boots are taking the world by storm this winter season.

For a hot minute, it was trendy to say Ugg boots are called Uggs because they’re “Uggly”—see what I did there—but opinions on the controversial footwear have swung back around. Probably because they go with so many different outfits and feel like you’re walking on a cloud.

In years past, the iconic mid-length Uggs were the overwhelming preference, but this winter season has nominated the micro length as the new superior size.

Slouch coats

As a student with many 8:30 a.m. lectures, rolling out of bed and running to class is definitely part of my routine.

When I want to look a little more put together—and less like I just snoozed my alarm 14 times and woke up 10 minutes before my tutorial—I’ll throw on a comfy fit and make it look put together with a slouch coat.

Although they tend to be more on the pricy side, there are some cute affordable ones I recommend adding to your closet. Try Zara, H&M, or your local thrift stores for some cheaper gems.

Beanies on beanies

Of course, we can’t forget about headwear in the icy months.

The feeling of cold ears can be a nightmare. No one wants to be caught outside at the bioscience complex or West campus with cold ears and a long walk home ahead.

Aside from warming your ears, beanies are also fun way to add a pop of colour or personality to a monochromatic outfit. They are extremely easy to find at affordable prices—you can even go to Phase 2 and find cheap Queen’s beanies.

Matching sweatsuits

Matching sweats have become the new uniform on campuses.

Aritzia capitalized on the cute matching sweatsuit look over early COVID-19 isolation. The company knew none of us would wear jeans when we were inside binge-watching Netflix and tuning into a Zoom class—and they were right. 

However, it seems the trend has very much carried over into the post-quarantine activities as well.

Matching sweats are a great option for days where you have a ton of lectures and want to stay comfy and cozy during the harsh Kingston winters. However, the Aritzia matching sets can be quite pricy, so more affordable stores like H&M and Zara are once again a great, student-friendly option. 


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