AMS Director of Human Resources position will remain vacant

AMS to hire two new waged positions under HR office

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Applications to new waged HR positions to open by end of the week. 

Following the recent resignation of the Director of Human Resources (HR), the AMS executive said they will not be filling the vacancy. The AMS has hired two directors of HR since the winter 2021 hiring period.

In an email sent to The Journal, RTZ wrote the AMS Board of Directors recently approved a proposal to hire two new waged positions to support the operations of the HR office.

“Both positions will be administrative in nature under the supervision of our HR Officer, Ian Trew,” RTZ wrote.

“The duties that were once the responsibility of the Director of HR will be allocated between these two new positions.”

Since the proposal has only been recently approved, the executives added job descriptions are currently being finalized.

“We hope to make the applications available by the end of this week.”

RTZ added that in addition to the temporary situation of this academic year, long-term restructuring plans for the HR office will be taking place.


December 8, 2023

This article, at the original time of publication, included an incorrect timeline for the hiring of the previous Directors of Human Resources.

The Journal regrets the error



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