April Fool’s from ASUS!

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ASUS House currently listed for $131

In a press release published Apr. 1, the Arts & Science Undergraduate Society (ASUS) announced the sale of its current office.

“As we have returned to campus for the first time since 2020, this year has been one of transformation and change,” the press release read.

“Within these times, ASUS has continued to grow and expand our operations. In doing so, we have outgrown the lovely home at 183 University Avenue. Today, we are enthusiastically and emotionally announcing the selling of the ASUS house.”

The house will be selling for the “affordable and accessible” price of $131,000. Interested buyers can find the listing on the ASUS Store where a virtual tour is available.

“With nine beautiful bedrooms of varying sizes, it has wonderfully housed the ASUS staff since 1991. In doing so, it has been our wonderful place of work, play and sleep. ASUS has always prided itself off of giving back to students, giving back the place we have always called home is the ultimate return to the student body.”

Following the sale, ASUS will officially be taking over the John Deutsch University Centre (JDUC) beginning September 2022, with the location “formerly known as Queen’s Pub” acting as the official reception area for the student society.

“Given the establishment of the three-executive structure, this was the perfect solution to ensure we physically grew to account for a new council member,” Alyth Roos, ASUS president, wrote in an email statement to The Journal.

“As the suspense on the new JDUC renovation has grown over the past few years, the centrality and size of the JDUC made a natural fit for our growing operations. ASUS will be releasing the necessary blueprints in the coming weeks. As we close off an eventful year, we could not be more excited to see the new places and potential growth for this new ASUS era.”

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