‘Degrassi: The Next Generation’ headcanons, part four

Where I see our favourite and not-so-favourite Degrassians today


Ellie Nash, class of 2006

Ellie holds a University of Toronto (UofT) Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s from the X University School of Journalism. As former-Editor in Chief of both The Core and The Eyeopener, Ellie had to do quite a bit of fact-checking and coffee runs before finding her place at The National Post. She lives in a downtown Toronto basement with Marco Del Rossi and insists Machine Gun Kelly is a disgrace to former emo girls everywhere.

Toby Isaacs, class of 2007

After hosting The Robot Wars throughout his undergrad, Toby graduated with an engineering degree from the University of Waterloo. A huge fan of Elon Musk and not-so-big a fan of deodorant, he’s been working in Silicon Valley ever since. On a typical Friday night, you can find him waiting to get into crowded clubs. After a few hours, he usually gives up and goes home to FaceTime Danny Van Zandt.

Holly J. Sinclair & Declan Coyne, class of 2011

Since they both attended Yale University after graduation—and he’s Declan Coyne—Holly J. got back together with her former flame halfway through her second year of college. Both Holly J. and Declan graduated with degrees in Political Science and went on to Harvard Law School. Holly J. is a budding politician on her way to the Supreme Court, while Declan runs a nonprofit that serves people suffering from addiction. They’re getting married this summer.

Eli Goldsworthy, class of 2013

It turns out being the director of both Romeo and Jules and LIFE didn’t earn Eli as much clout as he thought it would at New York University. His time in undergrad was rough—it didn’t help that Clare didn’t want to get back together after graduation, considering Eli’s guyliner and fascination with death. Eli found his footing when he switched majors to screenwriting, and you can find him in the writers’ rooms of both Riverdale and Euphoria.

Clare Edwards, class of 2014

Heartbroken when she realized she shouldn’t spend her life with one of the three men she dated in high school, Clare spent her gap year on her mom’s couch. Eventually, she got it together and attended Queen’s, where she graduated with an English degree. She’s working at a publishing powerhouse in Toronto and spends her summers building houses with Darcy Edwards. Connor DeLaurier still tweets stuff Clare says, and she’s helping him buy a ring for Jenna Middleton.

Zoë Rivas, class of 2016

A surprising but well-deserving pick for class valedictorian, Zoë was a student at Queen’s School of Drama and Music. She got two years into her degree before receiving an offer to appear on a reality show in California. Zoë and her girlfriend, Rasha Zuabi, have lived in Los Angeles ever since. She and Maya Matlin are closer now than they ever were in high school, and her Instagram feed is impeccable.

Yael Baron, class of 2017

Yael is running the show as a star student of Waterloo’s Computer Science program. Coming off a co-op at Google and fielding multiple full-time offers, they’re excited to graduate soon and move back to Toronto, where they and Vijay Maraj will be spending the summer developing a new vlog channel. They’re hoping to reach more queer and trans teenagers. To Vijay’s delight, they’re also done with the red wig for good.


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