Beat The Heat And Head To The Beach

It’s turned out to be another scorcher this summer, but don’t worry-before you go off to the beach, we’re going to make sure you know exactly what to pack.

Water: Your number one concern should be hydration. You don’t want to spend a day in the sun with out anything to keep your body cool. This could result in a massive headache, potentially ruining your relaxing day at the beach.

Suntan Lotion: If you want a glistening tan or want to save your fragile skin from burning, stay away from tanning oil. For one, it makes sand stick to you like glue. Also, it doesn’t let your skin breathe, which could leave you with a very uncomfortable heat rash. Get a healthy glow the safe way and check out these tips at Allure Magazine on how to protect like a pro. You can also check out Cosmopolitan’s favourite sunless tanners for the best faux-glow options.

Beach Towel: You want to pack two separate towels, one to lie on and one to dry off with. No one wants to lie on a wet towel or sandy towel.

We’ve given you the basics, but now Queen’s Journal Blogs is going tell you how to take your average beach day to suntastic.

Pack a football, soccer ball, volleyball, or Frisbee. Take advantage of your surroundings and make the most of the summer weather. This will make your group at the beach look like a good crew to play with, and you’ll get a whole new crowd of people willing to join in on your game on the shore line or in the water.

Since your volleyball game will have the attention of the beach, make the beach more of a party. Bring some tunes. Put that iPod of yours to good use. Download the latest top 20 songsof the summer.

All that dancing, flirting, and playing will definitely tire you out. So pack some fruit or veggies to get you through the day, or (our personal favourite) hit up the nearest ice cream truck. Nothing says summer like a soft serve ice-cream cone dipped in chocolate.

And finally, bring your camera. You’re going to want to reminisce over your amazing beach day (thanks to QJBlogs) when it’s a rainy day, and the beach is a great setting to test out your photography skills.

So whether you’re visiting the Caribbean or your local waterfront, grab some friends and make the most of the beautiful summer weather!

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