The Black Student Club Caucus has received one follow-up on their open letter from a sitting member of AMS Assembly in the aftermath of the last AMS Assembly.
Queen’s University plans to implement a new health education program in the James Bay region to increase the number of Indigenous health care professions.  
Scrolling through Instagram, Selim Dag, ArtSci ’24, came across a photo of his hometown of Adana, Turkey. In the photograph, his town was destroyed.
Serving soup to female-identifying students has been a staple at the Ban Righ Centre (BRC) since its inception in 1974.
The Resource Bank on Race, BIPOC and Global Perspectives in International Relations (IR) was launched last week under Queen’s teaching resources.
Queen’s Senate is looking to find solutions to support graduate and postdoctoral students who are facing financial stress, mental health difficulties, and housing insecurity.
Major gifts and financial donations have been made to various aspects of Queen’s recently. 
Rebranding and the student fee allocation of the Queen’s StuCons service was discussed at AMS Assembly on Feb. 16.
An intoxicated male individual was at the Queen’s Centre and Stauffer Library on Feb. 27 at approximately 7 p.m. Campus Security and Kingston Police responded to the situation.
Queen’s has scrapped admissions to the Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) program for now.
AMS Assembly gathered Thursday evening in Beamish Munro Hall to discuss student operations in the aftermath of the AMS Executive election.
The Queen’s IT team faces tens of thousands of cybersecurity threats to systems every day, according to Marie-Claude Arguin, Queen’s chief information officer and associate vice-principal (IT services).
Black History and Futures month is more than just a month; for many, it’s a time for introspection and engaging in critical dialogue. 
To challenge us to look at Black stories and culture beyond February, Tianna Edwards is working to demonstrate Kingston’s capacity to cultivate a place for Black folks.  
Queen’s administrators discussed police presence during large events, sexual assault on campus, and supporting Palestinian students at the Equity Town Hall hosted by the AMS Social Issues Commission. 
Sometimes, when clients find it hard to express their feelings, psychologist E.L. Adams will switch on a song. 
Asbah Ahmad and Cassidy McMackon were elected Editors in Chief of Volume 151 of The Journal on Wednesday, Feb. 15.
Queen’s Association of Health Technology (QAHT) is working on two apps they hope will support student mental health and academic balance. 
After eight months of bargaining and negotiations, Queen’s University Faculty Association (QUFA) and Queen’s University have come to a tentative deal with respect to their labour contracts.  
Queen’s Project on International Development (QPID) aims to raise $10,000 at its annual fundraiser for the Kingston Youth Shelter.
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