Class of ’26 looks forward to first year at Queen’s

Student expects move-in to be a ‘seamless process’

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The Journal’sat down with an incoming first-year to discuss how they’re feeling.

In a somewhat post-pandemic world, Queen’s incoming students are set to have a different experience than first-years in the past two years.

The classes of ’24 and ’25 entered Queen’s during the COVID-19 pandemic, with closures in residence buildings and online classes. Incoming first-year students spent the majority of high school in the shadow of the pandemic.

This year, Queen’s is going back in full-swing, with residence at full capacityminus the JDUC residence, due to renovations—and classes expected to run fully in-person, all year.

The Journal spoke to incoming first-year student Jack Elkind, Comm ’26, who shared his hesitations and excitement about the upcoming school year. 

“I am looking forward to meeting new people and taking part in various in-person activities and clubs that could not run for the past two years, such as Orientation Week,” Elkind said.

“The past few years have been difficult for all of us to adjust to, so I’m excited to return to the familiar learning setting.”

Elkind said there’s a lot of information on the Queen’s residence and dining website, making it easy to navigate different aspects of residence life. 

“Due to the vast amount of information I’ve been able to find online, I think moving in should be a seamless process,” Elkind said. 

Elkind stated his excitement regarding the updated SOLUS due to frustrations he’s heard from upper-year students about the “difficult to navigate” old SOLUS interface.

Elkind noted the Queen’s Dining website has a lot of information about the chefs, dishes, and dining hours that are offered, allowing him to gain knowledge he feels is needed to adjust.

Along with speaking about residence, Elkind spoke to what he thinks classes will be like.

“I believe teachers will be more innovative in the way they conduct their classes. Maybe they’ll use more online applications to teach their courses which I’m comfortable with,” Elkind said.

Elkind added he’s not hesitant about new learning styles due to remote learning in high school during the pandemic, which has prepared him for a more hybrid approach to schooling.

“Having looked through the Commerce Society viewbook, I’m really excited to immerse myself in various clubs and committees.”

He said he’s very eager to start the next chapter of his life and has an overall positive attitude towards entering a post-secondary environment in September.


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