COMPSA has confidence in new executive

Election sees lower turnout than last year

Max Garcia
Image by: Arwin Chan
Max Garcia

As a second-year Logics test let out at 9:30 p.m., Max Garcia, Mareena Mallory and Zachary Baum embraced in a long hug after learning they were all ratified as the new COMPSA executive.

The uncontested candidates were acclaimed with a 36 per cent voter turnout — a lower number than last year.

Mallory, vice-president-elect of university affairs, told the Journal via Facebook that the low turnout could be “due to the lack of a ‘competitive spirit’” in the election.

“A close race makes for a more exciting election, [but] I strongly believe the successful candidates will do an excellent job,” Mallory said.

Garcia, the incoming president, told the Journal via Facebook that he felt “happy and humbled” by the results.

“I’m ready to start this new chapter in my life, and I honestly have no more words — I’m speechless!” Garcia said.

“We are really humbled by the support people have given us, and can’t wait to start working for the computing students!”

Baum was unavailable for comment by deadline.

Anastasiya Tarnouskaya is the incoming third-year representative and final member of the executive team.

The new executive team said they look forward to moving ahead with their agenda of improving the Computer Science program and keeping alumni as involved as possible.


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