Team GCS wins ResSoc election with improved voter turnout

Election sees split vote for the teams

Team GCS after receiving the news of their win.
Image by: Michelle Allan
Team GCS after receiving the news of their win.

Team GCS was studying for a morning midterm in a Watts Hall boardroom on Wednesday night when Chief Electoral Officer Tuba Chishti announced they won this year’s Residence Society (ResSoc) election.

The vote was split, with 53 per cent in favour of GCS.

Flanked by this year’s ResSoc executive, including President Nathan Utioh, Chishti told GCS they’d won by 81 votes.

This year’s election saw a 36.7 per cent voter turnout, up from 29 per cent in 2014.

“We’re really happy and glad, and excited for the next year,” said Segen Mehreteab, vice-president-elect (judicial affairs).

The high voter turnout was impressive to see, said Vice-President-elect (Resident Affairs) Cole Smith.

“I’m glad that so many first years felt compelled to express their opinions,” said Smith, ArtSci ’17.

Smith said the closeness of the race spoke to how GCS and opposing team LCG were compatible.

“Our teams were complementary in a number of ways. We were very supportive of each others’ point,” he said.

“[Team LCG are] fantastic co-workers, and we hope they can be co-workers in the future,” he added. “We look forward to working with them.”

President-elect Greg Radisic said both GCS and LCG had ideas that should be put into action.

“We’re really excited [the election] was in our favour, but we also hope the other team will still decide to come back to ResSoc and help with us because they do have really great ideas,” said Radisic, ArtSci ’17.

“We’re looking forward to the future ahead,” he said.

Team LCG waited for election results in a common room in Chown Hall with several friends.

Presidential candidate Emily Gjos told the Journal via email that she wishes GCS all the best.

“Obviously we are less than happy with the results, but we can be really proud of all the effort and passion we put in the campaign,” said Gjos, ArtSci ’16.


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