Costume ideas for the gals since Tik Tok isn’t creative

How to save money and have a stand-out outfit

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These ideas are a step up from the basic playboy bunny costumes. 

The pressure is on. Halloween is right around the corner and TikTok has said if you don’t have your costume planned out yet, you’re behind.

Halloween is a massive event for university students everywhere—mostly because some girls dress in outfits their parents never would’ve allowed and everyone pretends their no-jacket-outfit is enough to keep them warm a day out from November.  

So, if you still haven’t found your costume and you’re sick of seeing TikTok suggest a fairy for the three millionth time, this list is for you.

Sexy simplicity

One of the main struggles in Halloween costume hunting is students don’t want to put in much effort. We want to look our best while doing the bare minimum, which is fair enough.

A firefighter is a perfect costume for simplicity. Ladies, there are fireman plastic hats at the Dollar Store. All you need is a pair of black shorts paired with black or red fishnet leggings (you can grab this from any party city/Halloween store near you), a black long-sleeve (low cut if you’re trying to catch a cold) and a greenish yellow strapped equipment vest.

Another simple outfit is Cupid. This is a personal favourite of mine—I’ve even done it myself. All you need is a red or white top paired with a red skirt. Or, if you’re okay with freezing, a red dress works great.

Amazon has cute pairs of red heart glasses, or you can draw some red hearts on your cheeks with makeup if you want to save some money.

I recommend investing in a cheap, plastic bow and arrow. With this, you can make a heart out of cardboard and tape it to the end of the arrow. If this is too much effort, no problem—the bow, and arrow aren’t crucial.

However, the wings are essential. Run to your nearest Party City and buy a pair of white wings. Once those are on, your costume is set, and your friends will expect a wing woman all night.

She shoots, She(go) scores.

Brunettes who love childhood nostalgia are going to live for this one: Shego from Kim Possible. That girl truly had the best villain outfit set ever.

This one is a bit more difficult, but if you can pull it off, then you’ll have the best costume. You can either invest in a full-blown cosplay costume—which no one is going to do but I thought I’d offer it—or you can grab a cheap dark green top and black shorts.

I recommend a short sleeve top so you can wear elbow-length black silk gloves, and pair the shorts with black combat boots. Then, head to the Dollar Store and grab some green ribbon. You can tie that around your legs and/or waist to combat the black and add that pop of colour you need.

Lastly, let your hair down and apply black lipstick to your top lip. You officially have the most unique costume.

Copy + Paste characters

If you’re really abiding by the bare minimum standard, then Easy A’s Olive Penderghast is the costume for you. In her iconic walking-down-the-hallway scene, she wears a black, strapless corset top with a red, velvet A sown into the top and black sunglasses.

She looks absolutely bomb, and this costume is recognizable to everyone while being incredibly simple to replicate. It might be too much effort for y’all, but curling your hair is a great option for this costume to really match Olive’s energy.

Jennifer from Jennifer’s Body is a great costume as well. A white top under a pink hearted sweater and dark blue skinny jeans pretty much make up the costume. If you really want to purchase something to match the character better, you can also order her iconic cheerleader costume online.

Barbie is another super simple costume. Similarly to Cupid, throw on a pink top and a white skirt, or vice versa. All you need to do after is print out a Barbie logo and wear it on your shirt all night. Pair with a very—and I mean very—giddy-go-lucky attitude and you’re Barbie.

And, last but not least, Tinker Bell: a green dress, hair in a high bun, and a pair of wings. It’s really that simple.

Please, don’t

I am begging all the blondes: please do not wear a blue dress and say you’re Margot Robbie from The Wolf of Wall Street. Your blonde hair does not constitute an entire costume. No one knows you’re Margot.


Now that I’ve provided various affordable and above-average costume ideas, I’m hoping I don’t see too many playboy bunnies, angels, or devil costumes walking the streets of Kingston. Happy trick or treating!


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