Three-part concert takes the Mansion by storm

Live shows create groupies exemplified by the Mansion’s latest concert

Image by: Curtis Heinzl
The Mansion holds live concerts every weekend.

Live performances cultivate a connection between audience and performer like no other. In small venues like The Mansion, there are avenues for communication that create intimacy and personality.

At last Thursday’s show on Sept. 29, The Codas, The Astros, and New Friends performed in a three-part concert well worth the commitment.

The Codas opened the show with their mix of rock and soul sounds, drawing the crowd’s attention with an intimate performance and a comforting energy. Their newest song, “Anomaly,” brought a sultry and sweet sentiment the audience couldn’t resist.

Up next and drastically changing the pace of the night, The Astros brought the energy in pastel jumpsuits and a bassist with hair for days.

The cosmic rock band had an infectious energy and stage presence that entranced those watching into bobbing their heads to the music. Off the Rails proved to be a fan favourite—their sound is as if the Wallows and the Smiths had an equally quirky offspring.

The four-man Kingston band is releasing a new record next month; live music lovers ought to keep an eye out for their next show.

Ending the show with a bang—and confetti, literally—was New Friends.

The London-based indie-pop band made the most of their set time by engaging with the audience and making sure they will be remembered.

They began shooting a video for their unreleased song “Waste my Time,” had beach balls being thrown, and lead singer Stephan Boulineau and guitar/keyboard player Conrad Galecki made their way into the crowd twice during their set.

Their new single “Doomed” stood out for its ability to get the crowd jumping along with the performers. The crowd clearly fell in love with the show, demanding an encore at the end of their set. New Friends happily complied, singing their first hit and coincidentally first song together, “Purple Candy.”

Stage presence is something the band prides themselves on. In an earlier interview with The Journal, Boulinaeu shouted out a recent show in Peterborough.

“There wasn’t a bunch of people there, a good amount but not as much as other shows,” Boulinaeu said. “We turned it into this big party and every single person in that venue was vibing with us so hard.”

As for what’s next, New Friends are headed to new horizons in New York City.

The Mansion’s live music presence is soaring with concerts almost every weekend. Live music in Kingston is only getting better—it’s worth checking out!


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