Don’t Blend In

By Trilby Goouch

Blogs Editor

For those of you who keep tabs on the upcoming trends and scour Fashion Week photos, you’re well aware that this spring is going to be a bright one. Walk into H&M, Zara or Topshop and you’ll be blinded by the colour palette; neon green, neon pink, bold fuchsia, turquoise, violet … in other words, get ready to stand out. I’m often torn over whether to buy into a trend like neon as it often goes as quickly as it came; with my budget, I don’t want to risk purchasing an expensive neon pink sweater only to find fall is calling for primary colours. The solution? Incorporate these brights through accessories. A bright bracelet or toque gives just the right amount of pop, injecting some colour and playing with the trend in a realistic, budget-friendly way.

Ways to wear it

A bracelet, necklace or earrings: I found this bracelet at Joe Fresh for under $5, but you can guarantee H&M, Aldo Accessories or even Claire’s will have some bright pieces. I’ve also found Le Cheateau and The Bay to be a surprising source for bold jewellery at a great price. A neon pink stud earring or bright yellow embellished necklace also looks great with a simple white tee or a monochromatic look.

Flats or heels: Why not try an orange loafer or royal blue stiletto? Aldo is known for its bright heels, and Zara has a pair of orange loafers right now for $99. If this is over your price range, The Gap is a great option.

Nail Polish: This is my favourite way to inject some colour. Urban Outfitters has a great selection of colours, as does American Apparel. Shoppers Drug Mart is always a good place to look too; I like Sally Hansen for its price.

A toque: Whether you’re opting for a rich royal blue or a vibrant orange, American Apparel has a rainbow of colours to choose from at a cost of $22. Looking to spend a little less? I found this violet shade at H&M for $12.

Belt: Try pairing a black jean with a neon skinny belt, or a bold pant (say red or royal blue) with a bright orange or green. Smart Set has a great selection of bright skinny belts at a great price of under $15. The Bay, American Apparel and The Gap are good resources too. In fact, The Gap is full of brights right now, so be sure to check out their accessories.

If you’re feeling bold…

A hot pink matte lip, turquoise eye liner or hair chalk is another way to make a statement with colour.

Spring is less than a month away…get ready for a bright season!


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