Don’t pack up just yet: stories from the classroom

Journal Staff share their stories from the classroom and campus 

University can be the time and place where long lasting memories are made. That being said, there will inevitably be a few moments we would rather forget along the way. Don’t pack up just yet because here are a few stories from The Journal staff of such times to warm you in the cold months. 


I once slept through my entire lecture and straight into the following class held in the same room. When I woke up, I realized I was halfway through what I think was the exam review for a third-year geology class. For the rest of the class, I pretended I was engaged and taking notes because I was too embarrassed to get up.

— Mikayla Wronko, Features Editor

In the first week of classes in second year, a bamboozled-looking kid walked into one of my lectures mid-way through, looked around, realized it wasn’t his class, and left in a huff.

Fairly normal for week one, but the same kid would continue to burst into the classroom nearly every week, for the entire semester. He always looked just as confused as the first time. I hope he found his class, eventually.

— Victoria Gibson, News Editor

I was sitting in class and the professor was teaching a really hard topic. Some guy in the back of class said very loudly “are you fucking kidding me”, the professor looked at him, asked him what he said and then the student grabbed his stuff and stormed out of the classroom.

— Shivani Gonzalez, Features Editor

During an exam period, I went home for a few days and when I came back, my house was in the midst of a prank war. It was four-on-one and I joined the majority. When our one housemate was out of the house for the day, we went up to his room on the top floor of the house and blew up over 100 balloons to fill his kitchen area. It took all day and we didn’t get to study, but his reaction was priceless. It took him days to pop all the balloons and clean them up after.

— Joseph Cattana, Sports Editor

In one of my English classes we were reading a detective novel that has melodramatic dialogue. Our professor was having us do a live reading of one of the scenes and just when things were getting intense, my phone went off.

My ringtone was the iPhone default ‘Noir’ at the time, which is almost the exact soundtrack you would expect to hear in a 1930s detective story.

That means that there’s a chance, however slim, that they could’ve believed that I was trying to join in with sound effects, which makes it so much worse.

— Ashley Rhamey, Assistant Lifestyle Editor

One time, in second year, I ordered a coffee at Cogro, only to spill it after taking less than a step away from the counter. The girl at the cash saw me and grabbed me another one, free of charge.

While turning the corner, about to walk down the stairs, I spilled it again. When I went back to tell her, I don’t think she believed me, but I bought another coffee anyway. A few minutes later, walking up the stairs to my class, I spilled it again — for the third time in a span of 20 minutes. I hadn’t even had a sip. I didn’t order any more coffees that day.

— Ramna Safeer, Editorials Editor

In second year I was really sick and had just gotten off the phone with my dad when I went into class. My professor said something nice, along the lines of “Feel better,” and I responded, “Thanks, Dad.”

— Sarah O’Flaherty, Assistant Sports Editor


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